And no more sleep. I won’t spend too much time talking about my sleep obsession. We took a little video tonight of Graham after we put him down for the night, but I don’t have time to download it so I will post that later. I have decided to cut dairy again and also tomatoes from my diet. I may continue to cut more foods if necessary, but I have a feeling my diet may be making his reflux act up some especially at night. It is the only thing I can think of that has changed in the last month. We tried putting him back in the swing to determine if it is a crib thing or a sleep thing. It is a sleep thing. The swing doesn’t really help, but makes it easier to get him sleeping at night. We have tried it all. Read all the books. We even let him cry. He screamed for over an hour, then slept for 30 minutes and was up all night. That clearly won’t work for us and I have no intention of trying it again. I honestly feel like it just makes it worse. My parents watched Graham for us on Sunday and I think they now have a little more understanding of what we deal with over here!

In other Graham news he still isn’t really rolling over, but will sometimes slowly roll until he ends up mostly on his stomach, but can’t figure out how to get the last arm out and push up yet. Like I said in previous posts he isn’t really into practicing. Well, when we put him in the crib to sleep he likes to use that time to practice his rolling. He prefers to stand and loves when he help him stand up. He can stand on his own while holding on to something with his hands, but only for a few seconds until he looses his balance. He loves to talk and yell. No matter how tired and fed up I get with him all he has to do is smile and it melts my heart. There is nothing like that smile!

In other news JD was released today from his prison. He isn’t allowed downstairs or on any furniture. It took him awhile to come out and he hid for a long time. Then once he figured out it was okay to come out he followed me around crying all day for food. Maybe he needs a little more time in prison. His leg is looking better and hopefully he can manage to not get hurt again for awhile.

I had a busy week taking pictures! I had two newborn sessions and then on Sunday we went to the Farmer’s Market with Jill, Mike and Kaylee to get some fall family pictures. The Farmer’s Market was so busy so we got a few pictures and then went over to Pullen Park for a bit. Here are a few pictures I took of Graham while we were out on Sunday. Don’t be fooled by our sweaters and cold weather clothes. It was actually very warm out, but we wanted to look like fall…. it was actually cool that morning, but toasty in the sun!

Graham and Kaylee



Graham almost 5 months!!



Graham and mom


Graham and dad


Family shot