Graham seemed to enjoy his first Halloween… as much as a 5 month old can enjoy it anyway. We walked around the block with him dressed up in his costume and he got lots of attention. He enjoyed looking at everything and we had a good time seeing some of the decorations. Some of our neighbors went all out!! It also appears we live in the neighborhood that other people like to drive to and then dump there kids out to collect all our candy. It is amazing how many kids there were tonight. We can’t afford to give out candy. We tried one year and we ran out of candy in about 30-40 minutes! We saw a group of at least 30 or 40 kids walk up to our neighbor’s house!

I am a little sad his first Halloween is already over!!

Here are a few pictures. I will try to post more this week, but I am beyond exhausted and I can’t seem to get anything done lately…..

Posed pictures – the first one caused quite a stir on Facebook 🙂

 DSC_0680 copy
 DSC_0654 copy copy

And some from today

 DSC_0700_edited-1 copy
 DSC_0704 copy
 DSC_0717 copy