Here are a few pictures. I played around with them in Photoshop as you can probably tell… Practicing with an action I like using to make skin smooth and eyes sparkle. They could use a little more work, but I don’t have the time to make them perfect. I also didn’t take the time to clean up the veins around his nose and eyes. They are so dark!

 DSC_0742 edit
 DSC_0741 edit
 DSC_0750 edit

Thought it would be fun to put a picture of me and Casey when we were little.



I have been looking through the pictures we have from when we got married. We did a slide show with pictures of us growing up so I have a bunch on the server. It is fun to look at them. I can look at one of me and see Graham and then I look at one of Casey and see him there too!! Then I look at Graham’s picture and think he looks nothing like us!

Here is one that of me that made me think of Graham (me with Uncle Gary) Click to enlarge it some.

And here is one of Casey that I could really see Graham… I always see Casey when I see Graham’s profile.

I was working on a video to upload, but it was way too big so I need to edit it a little and try again later.