Nothing is ever easy!! I am attempting to put some videos up of Graham, but it is taking forever. They are all saved on our server so if I try to watch them from there it is so choppy that I can’t even tell what is on the video. So I have to move them to my laptop which also takes forever! I have some pictures I took that I want to post also, but haven’t had time to do those either. I have been working on pictures I took for some friends and I want to get a few things done on those first. Of course that is taking forever too! I tried to upload some last night and our Internet is so slow right now. I get really frustrated because I like Flickr, but hate the places I can get prints. There really is a huge difference in prints. I can send the same picture to several places and get totally different prints at each. Wolf camera is my favorite and has the best quality, but I hate their website. So I load all my pictures to both places. What a pain!! They are working on an app to link the two sites and I hope they get it done soon. If I put my pictures on Picasa I can print anywhere, but I have almost 4,000 pictures on Flickr that I really don’t want to move and don’t have the time to move. Yes 4,000 pictures. You read that correctly. The sad thing is those are the best ones. That means that I most likely have 10,000 or more on DVD and our server. That’s 10K on each people…. and each DVD has a backup DVD. Another project on my very long list of projects is to organize those pictures and edit some now that I know a bit more about Photoshop. Oh and I also want to make a photo book from our Italy trip and our trip out west. Maybe one day… seems like there is always something else going on though.

I am sure none of you really care about my list of projects or my complaining about slow computers. I think you are all here for a Graham update. He is doing really good and now that he is getting some sleep he is so much happier. We are still working on the nights. He goes to bed really easy now and is asleep in 15 minutes, but he is still waking a lot some nights. It is hard for me because he needs to eat so I need to feed him, but at the same time I don’t want us to get back to the eating every 2 hours all night. He gets up at different times every night and will sometimes sleep until 5! I am excited to get him on some more food soon so he will maybe sleep longer in a few months. I have a feeling he is going to love food. Whenever we give him Tylenol (which isn’t all that often) he grabs the dropper and stuffs it in his mouth. I guess he likes that sugar grape flavor! This week he went in for his DTaP shot. This is one I was really torn about and I still don’t really like that I gave it to him, but he seems to be okay for now. It was the only shot he got and I still won’t be doing multiple shots at one visit. We decided to give him the 3 big infant vaccines and all others will wait until he is 2 or older. No flu shot either.

He still refuses to roll over, but loves to sleep on his side. He rolls onto his stomach, but his one arm is still stuck under him! During the day he still has no interest in rolling or practicing. He is content to hang out on his back and play. I try to motivate him with toys, but he only cares so much. He loves his jumparoo toy and loves to sit on our lap and play. He tries to sit up a lot now. When I put him in the tub at night he holds onto the sides and sits up for a long time. He also has started sitting up in the stroller so he can look around. He can’t sit on his own yet though, but we let him practice. Of course sitting, standing or being in the jumparoo all make him spit up. That can go away any day now. I have seen a big difference with him since going off dairy and this week mom gave us some soup with hidden dairy in it (bullion cubes). Wow, I could really tell a difference in him for about 3 days. So no dairy for me. He clearly can’t handle dairy and I wonder if he ever will be able to eat it. I hope so. I can easily make stuff for him, but when he goes to friend’s houses or birthday parties it will be tricky. You really have no idea how much dairy, soy and gluten is in the foods you eat until you start looking. Every time you make something this week check out the ingredients and the allergy warnings. You will be surprised.

I promise to work very hard this week at getting some pictures and videos on here for you guys.