Thought I would add a quick post to update everyone on Graham. I should have some pictures to post later this week. I was going to take some Thanksgiving pictures of him yesterday, but he had a very grumpy day so that didn’t happen. I think his teeth were bothering him some yesterday, but I don’t see any about to come in yet so I guess the worst is yet to come. Every now then he has a bad day, really fussy, lots of drool, red cheeks and nose. Then he is okay for awhile. I suppose the teeth will be showing up soon! I am really not in a rush for the teeth. I don’t want him to be so grown up already!

Saturday we went to Cary to see Melanie, Patrick and Ethan. Oh my goodness… Ethan is bigger than Graham and he is 7 weeks younger. We have some catching up to do. Graham’s growth has slowed down a lot since 4 months so I am really looking forward to starting solids next week. Although I do not look forward to the dirty cloth diapers. I think we will start giving him a very tiny amount of something this weekend and work up to a larger amount of whatever we pick to give him first. Apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, avocado and rice cereal are in the running. I am partial to a fruit first or a sweet veggies like the potatoes or even butternut squash.

Graham still refuses to roll all the way over and hates to be on his belly. He gets no practice at pushing up because he won’t stay on his tummy for more than a minute. I think it is really uncomfortable for him because of the reflux. I wonder if that is one reason he doesn’t care much about rolling over. He sleeps on his side and is great at going from side to side, but doesn’t want to end up on his belly. Even though he won’t push up or roll he is sitting up already!! He does so good at sitting and standing. He sits on his own really well, but I have to watch him because he looses his balance easily. He has the strength and is working out the balance now. He likes to reach for a toy that is to his side and then he tips over. If the toy is in front of him he does great.

He is sleeping great and even slept all night without waking up!! Just one night, but it’s a start. He is back to waking at 1 and 5 the last two nights. Even though I hate getting up in the middle of the night I do enjoy our time together. He is so sweet and sleepy at night. After I feed him he falls asleep on my chest while I rock and burp him. I will really miss that one day! Some nights I hold him a little longer than I should because it is so nice! He doesn’t sleep anywhere except the crib now. I guess he has his spot that he associates with sleep and that is the ONLY place he will sleep. Not the car, not the play mat, nothing. It should be interesting when we go out of town to see how he sleeps in something other than his crib. It is so amazing to see him fall asleep in the crib without any fuss. What a difference! I never thought he would go to sleep so easily. He actually likes sleeping now!

Last Monday he laughed for the first time! We make fun of him because he has no laugh! He gets a big grin and does this silent laugh because he hasn’t really figured out how to make the right noise. Sometimes his laugh comes out a squeal, but usually no sound. Monday night I had him on my shins while I was laying on my back, sort of a modified superman thing and he laughed! A real laugh! Casey was in the room and he got to hear it too! He laughed at me today, but those have been the only two times a real laugh has come out! It is a really short little laugh. I hope he figures it out soon because it is so cute.

Also this week Graham started putting his feet in his mouth! Tonight in the tub he started sucking on his big toe. Too cute.

Here is a really short video I took today of him sitting. It is really hard to record him and make sure he doesn’t tip. I zoomed out as much as I could, but I was so close to him that I couldn’t get him in the frame!