I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We were fortune enough to have two! We left Wednesday morning for Charlotte to visit Casey’s family. The ride down was interesting to say the least. Graham’s idea of a fun day does not include being trapped in a car seat! We left a little before nap time in the hopes he would sleep in the car. Ha. Should have known better!! Casey was on a conference call with work and Graham decided he was tired, but couldn’t or wouldn’t sleep so he screamed instead. I took a little video. This is only 12 seconds. The crying went on much longer. Nothing made him happy. Eventually he got tired of screaming and I was able to distract him with the best toy ever – the Little Einstein Take Along Tunes. He fell sleep after staring at the lights for about 5 minutes. He slept for a bit and then decided to scream some more. We had to pull over at a rest stop to take a break and let him get out of the car for a bit. I took over driving because I couldn’t sit back there anymore! He eventually fell asleep again for a bit and when we got to Charlotte he had a nice nap.

Thursday we had a wonderful dinner with Casey’s family at his sister Melanie’s house. Graham did wonderful and was very tolerant of his cousin’s who were very excited to play with him! Overall he did great in Charlotte and even took several naps! He slept pretty well at night, but he did wake a bit more than usual. The worst part was he kept me awake most of the night since we were in the same room. Casey doesn’t hear a thing, but I woke up whenever he moved or made noises. I am not used to sleeping in the same room with him, but we survived it and I really wasn’t all that tired the next day.

 DSC_0787 EDIT

After dinner (well, lunch) in Charlotte on Thursday we drove home. The trip was going great at first until he got tired. This time he didn’t cry quite as much and he went to sleep staring at the lights again. He slept most of the way home until we stopped to check on Allison’s cat. I guess the car stopping woke him up and he does not like being woken up! I gave him a bottle we had in the cooler because it was the only thing that would make him happy. When the milk was gone I tried to take the bottle, but he did not approve so he sucked on an empty bottle the rest of the way home. As soon as we got home we changed him and got him ready for bed. He slept for 11 hours! Nice. I guess he was pretty tired.

Friday we went to my parent’s house for our second Thanksgiving. My cousin Adam and his girlfriend Kayla were down from Michigan visiting my other cousin (his brother) Greg and his fiance Christine in Greenville. They came up for the day for a very delicious dinner made by mom. We have never had so much family at Thanksgiving dinner!

 DSC_0792 EDIT
 DSC_0795 EDIT

In other exciting news Graham had his first solid food today! We gave him some apple sauce and he LOVED it. He kept grabbing for the spoon and he was not happy when we took away the food!

 DSC_0863_edited-1 copy

Not happy that the food was gone!


Here is the video of his first meal. It is pretty long and boring, but I know many of you will watch the whole thing. I actually cut it down from 7 minutes. I thought I saved it in HD, but it looks bad so maybe not…. It is so large I don’t want to mess with it now so you will just have to deal with the poor quality.

Casey’s new favorite thing is to put his hats on Graham. Isn’t he cute!