I decided to go with prunes this week since the little man was getting a bit backed up with all the applesauce. I took a video of him because I thought for sure he would make a face… who likes prunes? Well, he loved them. He even made yummy noises when he was eating them. I however did not like them. I was covered in them the rest of the day. This is the latest annoyance with having a spitting baby. He spits up a lot… really, a lot. The prunes are brown so for the rest of the day his spit up was brown. Lovely. As if spit up wasn’t bad enough I now will be covered in colored spit up for the next 6 months! This is just the beginning of the colors… orange, green… yellow…. I think this weekend he will have some butternut squash since it is in season (orange). I have one that I need to cook. This will be my first attempt at making his food so we will see how it goes and how much I really get out of that one squash. I think we will also do rice or oatmeal next week too. I wait 4-5 days between foods to watch for allergies.

Prunes Day One
 DSC_0886 copy

Prunes Day Two

This is how he eats – arms out, leaning in for the next bite, he loves it and has yet to refuse a bite


 DSC_0904 copy