Saturday Graham officially turned 6 months and it snowed! In DECEMBER in NC Seriously? I was wearing a short sleeve shirt last weekend. It was so pretty and it didn’t really stick on much, but was on the roads a bit. It was pretty much gone except in shady areas this morning. Our backyard gets no sun so there is still some back there. I was at baby shower when it started so I wasn’t here to see Graham’s reaction, but Casey said he enjoyed watching it fall from inside. It was getting dark when I got home so I ran upstairs and grabbed my camera so we could get a quick picture and video of him outside.

 DSC_0929 copy

I got a little sad last night when I started thinking about him being six months already. Time has never gone so fast. There are so many things I don’t really remember from the first months. Lack of sleep I guess and a fussy baby doesn’t help. It makes me sad that so many of my early “memories” of him are negative, but he was so difficult. It doesn’t help that I am surrounded by friends with perfect little angels. I remember the first week we had him home and it was the best week of my life. He was so sweet, slept all the time. He would get a little fussy around 7 or 8 at night, but that was about it. He never did like to sleep alone so I held him all the time, had him next to me on the couch, sleeping on my chest, next to me at night. I remember going in the bedroom at night and setting up my little station at the end of the bed. My diapers, wipes, feeding supplies, change of clothes, etc. I would sit up and change him, then feed him, burp him and lay back down with him and Casey would sleep the whole time! Even when he screamed. The first week we didn’t do much, didn’t have to cook and sat around with him all day watching movies. Then he turned two weeks old and all hell broke loose. It was like he was a different baby. Someone took my sweet little baby and replaced him with this fussy, screaming little person and there was nothing we could do to help him. We tried everything and nothing helped. His little tummy gurgled all the time, he spit up all over the place, he screamed when I fed him, after I fed him, he refused to sleep unless we held him, rocked him, walked with him. I walked laps around my downstairs all day switching directions occasionally to mix it up for both of us. My parents came over and mom would hold him in the glider while he screamed until he finally fell asleep. Then you couldn’t move or he would wake up. I got nothing done, had no sleep and cried all the time. He seemed to be in pain and I couldn’t help him. Thankfully Casey worked from home and could come take him for a few minutes when it got really bad. That went on for months. Yes, months. I did some reading and started to think something was wrong. It really seemed like acid reflux so at 4 weeks we took him to the pediatrician and got him some medication which helped some. During that time we also got our swing and found out that he would sleep in that for hours if swaddled. Finally. I was getting some sleep at night, but the days were long and hard. He didn’t want to nap, was overtired and still so fussy. I never got to go out with him. I see moms at Target all the time with their little babies in the cart or in a carrier. I could never do that with him. He hated the car, the car seat and every carrier I ever tried to wear. We couldn’t take him anywhere. It wasn’t easy, but we made it through and things are better now. I think this week I will write down a bunch of memories from his first six months before I forget them all. Funny thing is I still remember very clearly the pain of labor and delivery. I thought I was supposed to forget that part!! I actually remember the day he was born very clearly and the first few days too. It gets a little fuzzy after the first couple weeks.

I do think one of his issues may be me eating dairy so I have given it up, but the spitting up continues. In such large amounts and all day. Solid food isn’t helping and some days it seems to make it worse instead of better. I wonder if there could be something else I am eating that aggravates it so perhaps I will eliminate more foods. All babies spit up, well, except my friend’s babies!! Ugh… I get that spitting up is part of the deal and he doesn’t seem too bothered by it, but I worry he isn’t getting enough to eat. We have our 6 month appointment this week so I will see how his weight is and we can go from there. It is really just a nuisance at this point. My furniture, carpet, clothes, his clothes, toys, everything has spit up on it. White, brown and now orange thanks to the squash. I don’t even enjoy giving him solid food anymore because I end up wearing most of it. It could be worse and I am grateful this is our biggest issue. It would just be nice to go a few days without being covered in it! Hey, at least he is sleeping now!! I know in the years to come I will be wishing my biggest problem is a little spit up!

I wanted to take some Christmas pictures of him today, but he was a bit grumpy. I don’t think he was feeling very good. Lots of extra spit up (if you can imagine), sleeping a lot and really clingy. If I get all my photography gear out and set up a spot for pictures you can pretty much guarantee he will be having a bad day. He kept putting his hands in his mouth which he has learned to do to keep the spit up down. Poor little guy. He doesn’t suck his thumb to sooth, but to help him swallow back everything coming up! I will have to keep trying for some more shots this week.

I did a really quick edit on this one and it still needs work, but this can be your 6 month photo for the week. As you can see he sits up great now. He will tumble every now and then, but that is how you learn! In fact after I took a couple shots and got frustrated Casey and I were cleaning up and he tipped over! I think it scares him more than anything and we try not to make a big deal out of it so he doesn’t overreact. I wouldn’t want to fall on my face either!

 DSC_0952_edited-1 copy