We finally found something Graham doesn’t like to eat! Even though he clearly didn’t enjoy the avocado he kept eating it or trying to eat it. Every bite he would make a face and then get all excited for the next bite. I put some bananas in with it and then he enjoyed it much more and stopped making the gross face. I think he would have eaten the whole bowl even though he didn’t like it! He loves to eat. I have to stop him at 7-8 ounces per sitting. I know he would eat more and then get sick. He doesn’t really understand when he should stop eating.

This weekend I made a batch of pears and sweet potatoes. I also made a small batch of prunes because he is so constipated now. All this solid food is really hard on him and even though I give him 3-4 ounces of pears a day it isn’t helping so back to the prunes for a couple days. I also give him prune and pear juice, but he usually spits it all up minutes after drinking it. Ugh. He is getting better at keeping down most of his solid foods, but he spits up bananas all day so no more of those for awhile. He also spits up oatmeal if I mix it with breast milk which makes me really think there is something I am eating that doesn’t agree with him. My guess is soy, but trying to cut that out right now will be next to impossible with Christmas next week. We added pears and avocado this week and I think sweet potatoes will be next. Not sure, but we will probably start some rice cereal after that so I have two cereal options.

Graham saw his THIRD snow this weekend. I don’t remember it ever snowing 3 times before Christmas. It didn’t stick, but was fun to watch. I know I had so much more I wanted to write about, but I am so tired right now I can’t think so I will wrap up this post. I will hopefully have more later this week along with some Christmas photos I took of him this week. I don’t want to post them yet and ruin the Christmas card for those of you getting one in the next few days.

Oh, so I realized today that I have been posting on this blog for 5 years! Wow…. I feel so old. I can’t believe I have been doing this for 5 years. I should go back and read some of my old posts….. although it will probably just make me sad.