So I think most of you have our Christmas card… well, hopefully because I am about to post the picture! Spoiler alert… it is below if you want to wait. I thought I would do a little post that isn’t about G for a change. As most of you know I enjoy photography. I started taking pictures of my friend’s little girl last year and became a little obsessed with taking pictures of babies. When I first started I would get so frustrated because I couldn’t get pictures like the ones I would see online, mostly on Flickr. I joined several groups and soon learned about the powers of Photoshop. It is amazing what you can do to a picture. Yeah, I suppose taking the picture right is the best way, but that isn’t always possible. Bad lighting, bad composition, unwanted objects in the picture, white balance issues… I could go on. I wish editing came a little more naturally to me, but it has taken me a long time to learn the basics. I am getting better, but there are some things I know I can do better or faster so I will need to keep practicing. I thought I would post a few examples for you guys so you can see how my pictures look before and after I edit them.

First is the one of Graham in his Halloween costume. Many people thought he was standing on his own in the picture.

 DSC_0680 copy

Next two are pictures I took for a friend. These are the most time consuming for me, but I love how they turned out! Both are in color and black/white edited, but I picked one of each to show you. I have always loved the way photos like this look and I thought they looked like this when taken. I felt much better when I found out these pictures are almost always the result of editing.

Finally, our Christmas card this year. It never fails if I set up all my photography stuff Graham will be in a rotten mood and want none of it. He was not happy this day. Usually I can smile at him and he smiles right back, but we could not get him to smile! He cried, he screamed and he gave me the “I hate this” stare, but no smiles. I had one picture with a smile and since I have to look at him instead of framing the picture through the view finder it was really bad! The Christmas card is the least impressive really. All I did was crop and correct the angle. I didn’t really do anything to the color or lighting on it.


 test 2

I thought everyone would enjoy seeing what some of my pictures look like before editing. I know it really made me feel better when I realized that lots of people take pictures that aren’t quite right. The difference is they are very talented at fixing those errors

My goal tomorrow other than baking like a crazy person is to take some more pictures for Graham for Christmas. Hopefully I will have those posted Friday for you all to enjoy on Christmas.