As promised, Christmas pictures! I am exhausted and still have more cooking to do tomorrow. I did very little editing on these, but wanted to post them. I will update again after Christmas with more pictures. Be sure to go check out my other posts from this week.

This is what I found today when I got home from shopping.

Pictures I took today.

 DSC_1054_edited-1 copy
 DSC_1064 copy
 DSC_1062 copy
 DSC_1063 copy
 DSC_1061 copy
 DSC_1055 edited

Cuddling with daddy since he was once again not happy to have his picture taken.


Outtakes from our Christmas card shoot.

 DSC_0988 copy
 DSC_0987 copy
 DSC_0975 copy
 DSC_0971 copy
 DSC_0965 copy
 DSC_0960 copy
 DSC_1026 DSC_1019
 DSC_1023 copy
 DSC_1015 copy