7 months and the accident….

This week Graham turned 7 months old and it was a big week. The biggest thing which has distracted me from everything else was the destruction or my car. I love my car and have had it for almost 9 years. I am really worried they will total it and then we are screwed. I really don’t want to get another car. I don’t want to shop for one, pick one out, test drive one…. I just want my car back, but it is 10 years old and there was a fair amount of damage to it. The accident wasn’t my fault and there was nothing I could have done to stop it. Everyone on the ramp stopped pretty quickly. The guy behind me didn’t notice for whatever reason and slammed into the back of me. Graham was in the car and it scarred him really bad. It was so loud and jerked us a bit. Luckily the guy in front of me had started to move so I didn’t hit him. I would have hit him because I was pretty close to him (stopped) and I was pushed a few feet. I can only imagine what Graham thought about the whole thing. I knew it was coming (kinda). As soon as I stopped I looked in my rear view mirror as I always do when coming to a quick stop and saw the car coming towards us. I didn’t really have time to consciously think “this guys is about to hit me”, but I guess on some level I knew it was about to happen. Graham was in his seat happy as could be, talking and playing with his toys so he had no idea. I got him out of the car and he was fine, but he screamed every time I tried to put him back in his seat. Casey came to drive us home and my car was towed away. I haven’t seen her since.

Neither of us was hurt so that is good news. I am just really upset about it. I hate that will we possibly have to get a new car. Doesn’t seem fair really. I didn’t do a thing wrong, but it could end up costing me more than the kid that hit me. His car was fine. Figures.

In Graham news, he is doing so good lately. Now that those first 4 months are past us he is becoming such a sweet baby. Very laid back, calm, sweet, cuddly. I absolutely love this age. He still doesn’t laugh out loud much and instead makes a strange squeaking noise when he is super happy. He mimics us and loves when we talk to him and cough back at him. He loves to sit and play with his toys and still shows no motivation to move. I actually love this and cherish these last few days/weeks/months I have where I can sit him down and expect him to be in the same place when I return. He really loves when I sit him down and put a container of toys in front him. This is probably his favorite thing right now. He loves to sort through it all and find new toys to play with and then toss them to the side. He does occasionally get so excited about a toy slightly out of reach that he falls onto his face, but he doesn’t seem bothered by it. The first few times this happened Casey and I made sure to not make a big deal about it, don’t act worried or overact to it. We just started clapping and acting really happy/excited. He looked at us to determine how he should react to such an event and when he saw we thought it was a great thing he didn’t cry or fuss about it. So now when he falls he doesn’t care unless he bangs his head on something or is really hurt (which luckily doesn’t happen often). He still refuses to roll. Of course he spends very little time on his back or stomach now that he can sit up. He is sucking his thumb a lot these days and his thumb is starting to get sore from it. I try giving him other objects to chew or suck on, but the thumb is his favorite. His new foods this week were mango and green beans. He wasn’t too hot on the texture of the bean so we mixed them with some sweet potatoes and he ate them right up. He still loves eating and makes yummy noises for every single bit. Every single one!! Most nights he sleeps from about 6pm to 5am. I feed him and then he will usually sleep until around 7 or 7:30. He is down to 2 naps a day and both are pretty short, but at least he doesn’t scream when he put him down! I have tried a short late afternoon nap, but he refuses to sleep no matter how tired he is when I put him down.

Tomorrow we go in for his next DTaP shot and for a weight check. Hopefully his weight is up some from our last visit. He is such a small little guy. I think he has put on some weight mostly in his tummy. He has always had tiny arms and legs.

Sorry for the quality on these first 4 pictures. They are freeze frames from our camcorder so they are a bit blurry.

Graham with his future best friend Ethan. They were so cute together and Graham reached his arm out and held Ethan’s hand! I doubt he knew what he was doing, but it was cute anyway. Ethan is SO much bigger and he is 7 weeks younger than Graham!

My car…..

The guy’s car…

Playing with his toys.

 DSC_0005 copy

This one looks yummy.

 DSC_0014 copy

What else is in here?


Let me taste this one.

 DSC_0028 copy

This one looks pretty.

 DSC_0038 copy

You talking to me?

 DSC_0031 copy

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  1. I am s thankful ya’ll are ok… I fully understand how you can FEEL what baby Graham feels… That’s why I had to stay out of my house the first week of school last year… I knew Darby didn’t want to leave and I felt like I was pushing her away… I can still feel the anxiety when I think of it. I don’t know about dad’s but mom’s can feel everything their children are going through. They are an open book to us and we feel their emotions just as much as them… I guess that’s why we are the nurturers.

    You will feel better once everything is settled and you have a car and your routine gets back to normal…