Monday we took Graham to his pediatrician appointment and his weight was 13 pounds 15.6 ounces! Seriously? I am rounding it to 14 pounds. The pediatrician isn’t concerned since his height and head are continuing to grow according to the curve. He said it is like he restarted his weight curve. He is continuing on this new curve, but his weight is much lower than “most” babies his age. I was about the same size at his age. He has a big belly, but the rest of him is so slender. He is healthy, eats, sleeps, poops, pees, plays, sits…. so no concerns at this time. We will be back for his 9 month appointment in March.

We also got the call early this week that my car was totaled. The damage was pretty bad so I had to say good-bye to my car. I went out on Wednesday to clear out all my stuff and they towed her away on Thursday. So we have been trying to figure out what car or van to get for me to drive. What a pain. We have no idea what we want to get or spend. Ideally we want to spend as little as possible and just use the money we are getting from the insurance company, but then we start thinking about whether we really want another old car with a lot of miles. Do we want a minivan? A car? We found 3 different cars on Craigslist that we liked, but while we were trying to make a decision they all were sold. So now we are back to having no car, no idea and there is nothing left on Craigslist. We have to return my rental car Tuesday so then I will have nothing to drive! Hopefully we will find something soon.

Earlier this week I took Graham for a walk when it was a little warmer. I brought some bread with me because he loves to feed the ducks and geese at the pond. As I got closer I could see that most of the pond was frozen. The pond isn’t huge, but it isn’t small either and it was pretty warm so I was surprised to see so much ice. We went to the gazebo and started throwing out some bread. It was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Graham was laughing too. The ducks, geese and sea gulls were walking and sliding all over the ice. The bread pieces would slide across the ice and they would go chasing it falling over and over. Once they realize food is being given they start flying in from other areas and would land and slide! I really wish I had my camera or camcorder with me! Eventually as more and more geese came over you could hear the ice cracking and they started falling into the water. Too cute. We walked down there today, but no more ice. I did take a few pictures. Then we walked down to the playground and Graham got in the swing for the first time. Casey was pushing him way too high, but he seemed to enjoy himself and he didn’t fall out. There were several other kids playing and Graham seemed to enjoy watching everyone.

Feeding the ducks and geese.

 DSC_0100 copy

First time in the swing.

 DSC_0136 copy
 DSC_0128 copy
 DSC_0116 copy

Daddy swinging him way to high.

 DSC_0139 copy

Yesterday Casey’s parents, sister and niece came up for a visit. We had such a good time visiting with them. Graham was in a good mood most of the day, but he did start to get a little tired by the end of the day. We hope they come back for a visit soon! Ashlyn was so excited to see baby Graham and she got to “hold” him several times. She wasn’t a fan of the crying though…. 🙂

Graham and Ashlyn.