This week I decided to give Graham a couple Cheerio’s, but since I am freaked out about him choking I cut them in half. Now that I see he is good about trying to chew them I am not as worried about giving him a whole one, but I still cut them. He is still learning. The face he makes when he eats one is priceless. I tried taking some pictures today and I will post them, but tomorrow I will make a video because you really have to see it. I think it is the texture that he isn’t used to eating. Every single time he makes a face, but happily puts another in his mouth. Well, we have to feed it to him for now. He tries to pick them up, but he can’t quite get them in his mouth yet. He grabs a handful and not one gets in his mouth. They are such tiny pieces so it is going to take a little more practice. I also gave him a cooked green been yesterday. I was making beans to freeze and I grabbed one before putting them in the blender. He chewed on it for awhile and then got bored with it.

 DSC_0229 copy
 DSC_0217 copy
 DSC_0209 copy

In other news, his hair continues to grow at record pace and is now long enough that it is looks all crazy when he sleeps on it funny. It is sticking up all over the place now. It isn’t quite time for a haircut yet, but the sides and back are getting a lot longer. His favorite toys continue to be anything the rattles and the ball popper he got for Christmas. He finally figured out how to jump in the exersaucer so this weekend we got the door jumper out again and he had a blast jumping around. When it was warmer earlier this week we went down to the playground and he enjoyed the swing again. We stopped in to feed the ducks and geese too. He always laughs when he first sees them. I wonder what is going on in his little head.

 DSC_0266 copy

This week was the big Kids Exchange and I volunteered this time so I could shop early. It was a long shift and a lot of work! You wouldn’t believe all the stuff people buy! Wow. I did get some really cute summer clothes for Graham, a few more toys, some cloth diapers, safety gear and some feeding stuff. I didn’t get any sleepers and very few t-shirts because both were pretty picked over so I will have to grab those at the next sale.


We still don’t have a car! Or I don’t have a car! Hopefully this week we will have something for me to drive. We are going tomorrow to test drive a Quest and an Odyssey. I really hope we can get it all worked out this week because not having a car is a huge pain.