Still really tiny…..

Well, Thursday we went to the doctor for vaccines and they did a measurement check on Graham. He was 14 pounds 6 ounces and 26 1/2 inches. I was in shock. He seems so much heavier to me and I thought for sure he was at least 15 pounds. His height didn’t change either and actually went down some so either last month’s was wrong or this one was off. It is pretty difficult to get an accurate measurement on a squirming baby. Graham apparently remembers the doctor’s office because as soon as they put him on the scale he started to scream and he didn’t really stop until we left. This was the first time he started crying so soon. Usually he waits until the shots. It was a very stressful appointment for me and Graham. When the doctor heard his weight had not changed much and his height hadn’t changed he wanted to talk to me. He felt it would be a good idea to go ahead and run a couple tests to make sure nothing is wrong. So we taped a bag onto him to get a urine sample and they tried to get some blood. It was horrible. She couldn’t find the vein and they stuck him twice while I held him down. After two attempts they gave up and the doctor told me to take him to Rex. He said they would be able to get a sample much faster and easier. So Friday we drove to Rex where I once again held him down while they got the sample. It wasn’t easy, but they did get the sample. The doctor called yesterday, but we missed his call so we don’t know the results yet.

In other more fun news, Graham had a blast today at the park. His favorite thing is picking up the mulch and trying to eat it. He moves it all around and has a great time. Yes, I let my child play in the nasty mulch. Tonight after his bath I was playing the “where is Graham” game with his towels. After he pulled down the towel and I did the “there he is” he pulled the towel back up over his face! This was the first time he did that part and was really proud of himself. He is also standing and playing on his own now. Mostly unassisted, but we have to keep a pretty close eye on him because he will sometimes lose his balance or let go and tumble. It is really fun seeing him learn new things. He is so proud of himself. He is also getting cheerios in his mouth all by himself. Most of them still end up in the chair or on the floor, but he is getting much better. He is also loving his cheesy puffs and toast. This week I also made some chicken for him. I mixed it with sweet potatoes and apple. I tried some of it and it was actually pretty tasty. Our pediatrician really encourages us to make our own food. He said a lot of the stage three foods are bland and don’t have much texture. Although, this kid will eat anything so it is crazy that he won’t gain more weight! He has also stopped spitting up!! Well, he still spits up some, but nothing like before. Whatever it was in him that didn’t work all the sudden works because he will burp, but no spit up! So exciting! Maybe this will help him gain some weight. He also stopped sucking his thumb around the same time which further proves to me he was only doing it to help him swallow back down the spit up. Poor little guy.

Tuscan found this new comfy chair and is so excited we got it for him.

 DSC_0353 copy


 DSC_0362 copy
 DSC_0365 copy
 DSC_0366 copy

Standing up

 DSC_0381 copy
 DSC_0388 copy

Playing in the mulch.


I am going to post some more from today, but don’t have time tonight. I took this one at mom and dad’s today. I can’t stop laughing when I see it. I thought it looked like one of those pictures from years ago where everyone looks so mad. I put a quick vintage spin on it.

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  1. That rabbit looks bigger than that baby! Very cute!