This weekend is Rabbit Day Rabbit Day is an adoption event I help to organize once a year. Needless to say I am working on stuff for the event in addition to everything else so I won’t be able to write too much tonight. It is also super doubles week at Harris Teeter so I have been busy getting coupons together and shopping! Here is my loot for the week:

3 boxes cinnamon cheerios
2 boxes golden grahams
2 boxes total
2 boxes fiber one chewy bars
4 boxes betty crocker fruit snacks
3 boxes green giant veggies (small boxes)
4 boxes betty crocker potatoes
3 wishbone dressings
6 simply lemonade (already made stuff in the oj section)
1 crunchy taco kit
1 taco seasoning packet
2 bags dried bananas
1 single serve edwards cheesecake
1 single serve edwards chocolate cake
5 old orchard juice (large size, reg price 3.19)
2 frozen pizza (small ones)
2 gain dish detergent (large size)
4 pillsbury crescent rolls
6 pillsbury pizza crust
2 pillsbury french bread
2 pillsbury sweet moments
6 pillsbury grands
2 organic tomato paste
3 12 count frozen white rolls

For a grand total spent of $20!! I am going back one more time this week. I can’t resist. It has been a long time since super doubles were this good!

In other news we are waiting for a kidney specialist at Duke to schedule an appointment. Our pediatrician called last week and nothing major was wrong with his test, but there was one small issue with the urine test. I really don’t even know what it was, but something was too negative? pH maybe? Anyway, the doctor said it was nothing major, but he wanted us to see a specialist to see if they agree and if there may be an issue preventing Graham to grow. In the mean time I have started putting formula in all his cereals, purees and giving him a bottle or two a day in addition to breastfeeding. I am hoping the extra calories will help out some. He still loves to eat and tonight I let him eat some chicken and peas, whole! He loved picking them up, but made a huge mess. He can eat the cheerios pretty good, but had some issues with the chicken and peas. Most of his dinner ended up on the floor. It is painful letting an 8 month old feed himself. It requires a lot of patience! He didn’t like me trying to help and wanted to do it himself, but then fussed because he was hungry!

Here are a few pictures for the week. I will try to post more later this week.

I love sleeping pictures. Sorry the sizes are crazy. I don’t have the patience to fix it right now. If you click on one it will make them larger so you can see them better.

Valentine’s Day

 DSC_0431 copy

 DSC_0420 copy


JD enjoying Graham’s new toy.