We had our 9 month appointment this week and Graham now weighs 17 pounds 2 ounces and is 27 inches! This is a huge improvement and he has gained almost 3 pounds in a month. Our pediatrician was really happy with his growth, but we still have to see the kidney specialist just to make sure everything is okay. Still no teeth and the doctor thinks it will be another month or so until we see those bottom ones pop up. Although, there is no way to tell for sure.

On Monday Graham clapped his hands and I was so excited. I ran down the hall to tell Casey and show him. His response was, oh yeah, he did that the other day. You didn’t tell me?! Men. Once I knew he could do it I started clapping and making him practice. Now he loves to clap his hands. This week he has found a new fascination with his hands. He looks at them like they are magical. He did this many months ago so not sure what the new fascination with them is, but it is fun to catch him looking at his hands. His expression is priceless. He has also figured out how to use his sippy cup. He has used it a few times on and off for the past few weeks, but now he really gets it. Some days I have to take the cup away for a few minutes so he will eat his meal. He likes to take a drink after every bite. I guess he feels pretty independent being able to use it himself now. He also loves to walk now, but of course still needs our help. He reaches for our hands to let us know he is ready to walk. When he sees something he wants across the room he wants to walk over to it and still doesn’t try to roll or crawl to it. I have to say it is nice that he is still content to sit and play. Today it was so nice outside so we put down a big beach towel and sat him down with a sippy cup and some toys. We raked the yard and he was happy as could be sitting on his blanket drinking from his cup. Yes, he picked drinking over playing. That is something we wouldn’t be able to do if he was moving around! I think our time is running out though because he is really motivated to walk and get around so I am interested to see just how long it takes him to do it himself.

Loving his sippy cup


Loving rice cakes


A few black and whites from today

 DSC_0743 bw

 DSC_0771 bw

 DSC_0811 bw

Hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa

 DSC_0801 copy

Enjoying his teether