It has been a big week! Thursday I had Graham outside taking some pictures for St. Patrick’s Day and enjoying the beautiful weather when I noticed something white on his gum. He often puts random stuff in his mouth so I thought at first it was something he was trying to eat, but closer examination revealed a tooth! Well, I thought it must be a tooth, but my hands were nasty so I didn’t want to touch his gum. When we got inside and I washed my hands I felt his gums and sure enough there was a sharp little tooth poking out. I was really surprised because he didn’t fuss about it one little bit. Nothing. No lost sleep, no crying, no red swollen gums, no refusing to eat, none of the usual teething signs. Well, we have had a huge amount of drooling, but that isn’t all that unusual for a 9 month old. I am so excited teeth are coming in so easy, at least for now. I hope our luck continues. The first 5 months with Graham were really tough. He cried and screamed enough in that time to more than make up for teething! Most people can take their one month old out to the store, dinner, in the car and they just sleep away not making a peep. I spent all that time at home with a baby that refused to sleep and screamed most of the day. Ugh. So, I feel like I totally desire easy teething. I have already put in my dues!! Of course now that I have put this in the blog he will scream and have a horrible time with the next teeth. Although, the bottom one next to his first one is already coming up with no problem. No red gums, no crying, but I can see the little white spot. It isn’t through just yet, but it will be soon. There is really no telling when that first one popped up since I wasn’t really looking for it.

This picture was taken before I noticed the tooth. I haven’t tried taking any pictures of the teeth yet, but if you look REALLY close you can see a tiny little white spot on his bottom gum. You can see it much better now so I will try to take more pictures this week.


We also went to see the kidney specialist this week. I really should have questioned this more and said no to this appointment. Just canceled it, done some more research, but I didn’t. Lesson learned, never again. First, Graham gained 3 pounds in one month. Second, he has no other symptoms of this kidney issue our pediatrician suspected. Third, children with this disease do NOT just get better on their own. If I had known these things I would have canceled the stupid appointment. I have so many issues with everything that happened, but I won’t get on my soapbox. I have a lot of issues with healthcare and I am not the kind of person to just listen to doctors. Not sure why I didn’t do more questioning on this issue. I guess I just assumed our pediatrician wasn’t one to put us through a bunch of testing for no reason. I do think he needed some tests done at his 8 month appointment (weight check) because his weight had not gone up. However, when things turned around by 9 months I really wish someone would have looked at his stats again. Also, the specialists office didn’t even look at the information our pediatrician sent over, but scheduled an ultrasound anyway. Before our appointment. So when we get there the “specialist” tells us an ultrasound isn’t need. Well, you idiots already scheduled it and you scheduled it before our appointment so now we are out several hundreds of dollars. Thanks. Then he tells us that babies with this disease do not get better on their own and runs through the other symptoms, none of which apply to Graham. Lovely. Then he tells us the test results that concerned our pediatrician were not bad. I guess slightly elevated, but not concerning. Great. So after telling us this and then saying “I don’t think anything is wrong with him” he schedules blood tests. I didn’t want to do it. I was ready to leave. They already had a bag on him for a urine sample that I didn’t want to do, but I could understand doing that since the first one was slightly off. I did not see the need for blood work. For those of you that have not had to hold down a 9 month old while they prick and dig around your child’s arm over and over for a vein may not understand, but it is horrible. I had no intention of doing it again, but I went along with it. We waited forever at the lab to find out we had to walk back over to the hospital lab. At this point we had been there over 5 hours and missed our afternoon nap. I was livid at this point and in tears. On the way home Graham fell asleep in the car and I felt just horrible. I knew nothing was wrong and was really mad at myself for not standing my ground. All tests came back fine and now the bills are coming in. Needless to say I am still no happy about the situation, but I am glad he is healthy.

In more positive news, Graham loves walking around all the time now, with help of course. He is also making more attempts to crawl, but is still happy sitting and playing for long periods of time. He loves toys that he can flip open and close and still loves to bang toys together. He is also loving toys that he can push and pull. Pretty much the same as last week.

Trying to crawl…. kinda


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!