Graham is 10 months old today. He is really getting to be a big boy now and is learning new things all the time. It is really amazing all the changes that occur in the first year. We have started watching to see which hand he favors and so far it is pretty even between left and right. Left thumb sucking, right had does most of the eating, left had does most of the playing. He has figured out how to make most of his toys make noise now. Well, on purpose. There are a few he has been working for awhile, but now I can show him how to turn something “on” and he will watch closely and then try it. Most of the time he does his pushing with the left hand. He is also starting to perfect “letting go”. He can throw toys now, not with any accuracy at all and I don’t think he really gets it yet, but he is starting to learn how and when to let go of something. He loves to toss his spoons around during meals and toss the toys all around him when he plays, mostly behind him. He still has no interest in crawling. He will almost get into the crawl position, but then doesn’t really follow through with it and just sits back down. When he wants to move he puts his hands out and whines for me to help him walk and stand. He can take a couple little steps on his own, but he doesn’t really know he is doing it yet. Mostly when he is going from one person to the other and one of us lets go a little early he will take a couple steps as he falls into the next person. We spend most of our day walking around the house and I can tell he is getting much better at it and his balance is improving a lot.

Last week we drove to Greenville to visit cousin Greg and Christine. Aunt Jan and Uncle Dave were there too on their way to sunny Florida. Mom, dad, Graham and I drove down for the afternoon and Christine made us a wonderful dinner. Graham did pretty good and LOVED their dogs. The feeling was mutual. Mabel spent most of her time cleaning Graham which he didn’t seem to mind and he tried to “lick” her back a few times. Graham slept on the way there, but we had to wake him up when we arrived so he didn’t get as long as a nap as he probably needed. He was good though, a little fussy at time and clingy with me, but that is pretty normal when he is tired. In the evening I have to be sure to stay away if Casey is doing bath and putting him down because the sight of me will set him off in a crying fit and he won’t stop until I hold him and take over. If he doesn’t see me he is fine and it was the same way when he was in Greenville. He was fine until he would catch sight of me and then he just HAD to be with me that instant. I don’t really mind though. One day he won’t want me around so I am enjoying it!! By the time we left he was really tired and screamed for a bit in the car. Then he stared out the window for a long time before finally falling asleep…. for about 30 minutes. As soon as the car slowed down when we got into town he was awake and not very happy. We stopped by the house and Casey grabbed him for me. After a couple books, bottle and new diaper he went to sleep pretty well, but didn’t sleep in even though he went to bed late! I didn’t take any pictures, but I do have some video that I will try to edit soon. I want to put some new videos up so I will try to work on that one night this week.

Here are some pictures dad took of Graham and Mabel.