Well as many of you know Raleigh was hit with a tornado this weekend! It was actually very close to us at one point. Only about 2 miles from our house and neighborhoods very close to us had a lot of damage including my friend Sarah. We drove around some today and you can easily see the path the storm took over here. There was a good amount of property damage, but we didn’t see any houses that were completely destroyed. Most were missing a roof, siding, trees or debris on houses. We saw several power lines that were down. Not just small ones either. The big huge metal ones! They looked like someone just grabbed them, smashed them and threw them down. I was downstairs with Graham when the storms started hitting Sanford. We were listening to the radio and every few minutes there was another weather warning so finally I just turned on the TV. Casey was upstairs studying for a test he is taking this week. When they confirmed a tornado had touched down in southwest Raleigh I started packing everything up! I put JD in the downstairs bathroom (our safe place) and put the rabbits in the carrier. The storm was tracking very close to us so I wanted to be ready! We watched as the storm got closer and were ready to go downstairs. We had a couple big gusts, but that was about it. Casey was making fun of me and continues to make fun of me for “overreacting” to the weather. Well, a couple miles to the east and it would have been us that was hit! It isn’t like I pack up all the animals every time there is a storm. In the 6 years I have lived here I have only packed up everything and was ready to head to the bathroom one other time! Clearly I don’t overreact. When there is a storm this dangerous heading your way you better be ready

There isn’t much else going on around here this week. Graham is still cruising around the house, but not walking on his own just yet. He has decided sleeping on his stomach is the best thing ever and now will only sleep on his belly. This is something most babies figure out around 4-5 months. It took him awhile…. now that he is sleeping on his stomach he is waking up and scooting around the crib on his belly. I figure it won’t be long until he is crawling in there and pulling up. Since until now he has refused to be on his stomach he is pretty far behind on the skills that come from being on your belly, like crawling and pulling up from his belly. He can only pull up from a seated position for now.

JD and the rabbits are all doing well. JD figured out a few weeks ago that he could hit the pantry door to open it and then help himself to his food. Since I am lazy I often don’t seal the container. I would come downstairs, see the pantry door wide open and think “jeez, Casey left the door open again”. I thought this many, many times. Then one morning I got up, got Graham up, fed the bunnies and no JD. He is always following me around all morning crying for food. I actually thought he might be dead! Seriously. I was kinda scared to find him. Eventually he came wondering out of the bonus room and didn’t seem hungry which I thought was strange. When I came downstairs the pantry door was open and his food was all over the floor. This is when I realized what he was up to! He was helping himself all night to his food. Now the food is on a higher shelf and sealed. The rabbits aren’t up to anything new lately. They get out every night so life hasn’t changed much for them. I do bring Graham in there in the mornings and he loves to watch them run around. I had him in there this week when I was cleaning up their room some. I had him on a blanket and away from all the stuff on the floor, but he managed to find a poop. I looked over and he was chewing on something and he did not want me to take whatever it was out of his mouth. Well, I got it out and it was a poop!! Gross. He didn’t seem to mind it and I guess he had another one in his hand because a few minutes later he was chewing on something again and I saw some brown drool coming out of his mouth! I guess he likes to eat poop.

Last night after writing this post I became very sick with some type of stomach flu. I will spare you the details, but that is why I don’t have new pictures yet. I was going to do them today, but I can barely move right now. So I will put some sleeping pictures because I think they are so cute.