I hesitate to call these my Easter pictures because I am sure I will put him next to an Easter basket or other Easter items on Sunday for more pictures so I will call these my spring pictures. No, my child’s eyes are not this sparkly and gorgeous. And no I am not that great of a photographer. Editing. Whenever you see pictures with gorgeous eyes they are almost always FAKE! Well, some babies, children and adults have very sparkly eyes that catch light well, but how very very rare this is especially for someone with brown eyes. It is amazing what you can do with Photoshop…..

The “Casey” face as I like to call it.
The flower apparently is not tasty. And yes, I did have a stern talking to Casey AGAIN about letting him eat flowers since some are poisonous and I have no clue which ones. It is his job as my assistant to watch him!
Funny face, but the only one that I got of him on his belly. He still would rather sit and after this picture put his head in the grass and cried until we let him sit again.
Laughing at daddy.

Black and White expression of the week. I enjoy doing these. We will see how long I can keep it up!