We have had a big week here! Today Graham crawled for the first time. Yesterday he stood in the middle of the room by himself for a good 20-30 seconds before falling. He has also finally started saying mama, although not really to me yet. At least he is working on the sound. He has also started saying ba and pa again. He has said them in the past, but then forgot I guess and became obsessed with dada. So yesterday I walked out the door to do a little yard work and I heard Casey yelling my name. I didn’t freak out, but I assumed Graham had fallen or something so I rushed back in and Casey said “look at him!!”. There he was just standing in the middle of the room, not holding on to anything. Then after a few more seconds he fell back onto his bum and then rolled back. So he of course started crying while we were cheering and clapping for him. It was so weird seeing him stand there like a little man. I see him standing all day, but he is always holding something and for some reason it was different when he was standing there all alone. He looked so old to me and it made me a little sad! Then today I was downstairs typing up a quick email to Melanie and I noticed a little hand trying to grab my computer and I looked over to see Graham crawling towards the computer! So I grabbed the camcorder and tried to recreate the moment. Unfortunately Casey was on a call so he missed it!

He is also starting to point at things, but his pointing is really just a fist in the air. He loves the ceiling fans and always “points” to them. If you ask him where the fan is he looks up to find it. So cute. Is is also really excited about talking loudly. When we go to the grocery store he gets so excited and likes to talk as loud as he can, which by the way can be heard all around the store. Yes, I am that lady. At least he isn’t crying. I tell him no, quiet talk and he looks at me like I am a crazy person. I am also now that lady that I used to hate. The one talking to a baby while walking around the store. You might as well be walking around talking to yourself!

I don’t have many pictures this week, but I do have a black and white expression that I actually took last week.

 DSC_0277 bw

I also took these today with the camcorder. He was eating some of my spaghetti and had it all over his face. It doesn’t take a very good picture, but I didn’t have my camera with me.

Here is the crawling video: