Well today I cut Graham’s hair and it looks a bit funny. Guess I should have taken him to someone. It is really hard to cut a baby’s hair! I knew not to cut too much because it always dries so much shorter, but I snipped a bit much on the bangs and they look a little silly now so I just did the side swoop to try to hide it. I am hoping it will grow out some before his birthday pictures!! I set up a little chair on the deck, put the camcorder on a tripod and gave Casey my camera. I was so busy getting everything together that I didn’t check the camera. I take pictures on manual mode which requires you to make lots of adjustments… Casey was snapping pictures and when I took the camera to take some of him I noticed it was on manual. I knew it was going to be bad because the last time I took pictures I was inside and dark. We were on the deck with lots of lights. Yeah, none of the pictures turned out. Way, way, way overexposed to the point that I can’t fix them. So no pictures of his first haircut. I guess I will just have to write the story in his baby book! I did save some hair. This is the last time I will be cutting his hair. From now on the professionals can do it! I do have a little bit on video so I will work on that sometime this week.

After the haircut photos:


“so big” this is his new favorite thing to do


Black and white expression of the week