Here are a couple videos from our trip to Pennsylvania. I thought I took more, but I guess not… I will have to remember to take more videos next time.

This is Graham enjoying some sugar cake. The food in PA is about a million times better than the food down here in the south. Sorry southern family, but its true. Especially when it comes to snacks, candy and dessert type foods. I think if I lived there I would weigh 200 pounds for sure. Uncle Ned gave Graham a little piece of sugar cake and he loved it. He would crawl over and beg for more! I have one left here at the house and when he sees the packages he reaches and whines for it. He is also addicted to the animal crackers. I ate one this morning and I guess he could smell it on my breath when I picked him up. I was still chewing it and he started grabbing at my hands looking for one. Then he tried to open my mouth to get some out!

Here he is playing with his cookie jar that Uncle Gary and Christine gave him. Casey was teaching him how to put the shapes in the right holes. Sorry the video is a bit long, but I didn’t feel like editing it down.