My little baby is no longer a baby! He is a toddler now and he is starting to show it. We will occasionally get little temper tantrums out of him and he is trying to see what he can get away with more often. He has created a new cry for me that sounds like his arms are being pulled off, but he is not in any pain. He wants to be held or play with something that is off limits. He is funny because he very clearly understands what he is not allowed to do and when you call his name he has the most hilarious reaction. He throws down whatever he has in his hands and “runs” away as quickly as possible. By run I mean cruise or crawl as fast as possible. I am going to have to get it on video because it is so cute.

He is also walking with one hand now instead of having to hold both hands. He has actually taken a few steps on his own when he doesn’t know he is doing it. He continues to be very cautious and I don’t think he will let go and walk on his own for awhile yet. He needs to build some more confidence first. He is very proud of himself when he walks with one hand and has a very cute little smirk on his face. He now says dada, JD and makes an attempt at light and fan. Sometimes he is closer than others. He also tries to say night night and nap nap when I say it. I always say time for nap nap or night night before I put him down. He has yet to say mama to me! He has said mama several times in the past, but now won’t say it again. He doesn’t seem to like sounds you make with your lips and rarely uses those even though he has in the past. He has figured out the sign language for more and is so proud of himself. It is the only one he knows right now so he does it ALL the time. I am trying to teach him eat and drink because he will use more instead of those. It is really nice that he can communicate to us when he wants more of something. I am hoping he picks up some more signs soon. We haven’t been doing many yet. Starting with eat, drink and more. I don’t want to overwhelm him.

Here are a few pictures for the week.

He LOVES JD so much, but JD doesn’t return the feelings. JD wants to be near us, but gets really annoyed with Graham. Graham is starting to not care as much about JD and doesn’t crawl to him immediately anymore. This was a day that JD was being extra nice and Graham was being very “gentle”.

 DSC_0711 DSC_0710 DSC_0708

Then a minute later Graham was doing this….. which is why JD doesn’t like him.


More eating pictures. It is just too easy to take pictures when he is eating. Good light, sitting still and lots of smiles.


Black and white expression for the week. Right after he stuffed his face full of food.


Loving on his new puppy. He loves his puppy. It is so soft.