Gosh, been awhile since I posted! We just got back from 10 days at the beach which should explain my not posting! There was so much to get ready so my time before we left was limited. I have tons of pictures, but haven’t had time to get them together yet. Lots of videos too which might take me awhile to edit. I thought I would post quickly on some new developments with Graham. If I don’t get this stuff written down soon I will forget it all.

We are still working on signs and he now does several now – more, ball, eat and all done. He is picking them up quickly now and I need to work on learning more to teach him! He does more A LOT!! This one is a bit overused so I am trying to get him to use thirsty, drink, water, milk and eat instead. So far he will do the sign for milk and eat, but not regularly. When he got up from his morning nap today the first thing he did was the sign for eat. Usually he waits until he sees food and then does the sign for more. We went to Trader Joe’s today and every time I put something in the cart he would point to it and do the sign for more! Like I said more is a favorite around here. It is really fun to see him do the signs.

It is amazing to see how quickly he is learning things and how he is learning how to push me around! He is all about the tantrums now. He has a fit every time he doesn’t get what he wants right when he wants it. He is very demanding right now. I think being away from home for 10 days hasn’t helped so maybe we can get back in our routine and calm that down a tad. Although, I know it is part of being a toddler. He likes to take his food and drop it on the floor. He also likes to play “hide the spoon” when eating. It is so freaking cute. I will get it on video. He also likes to play hide the cup, but that doesn’t work quit as well. Today I really watched him and it is like you can see his brain processing stuff now. It is fun to watch him “do” activities with purpose.

During bath time he will put his toys away when bath time is over. Love it! Tonight I asked him if he was ready to get out, are you all done? He then did his sign for all done! So I started putting toys away and he scooted down to the toys and started putting them in the holder.

He isn’t walking on his own, but he could if he would just do it. In fact he has taken several steps on his own a couple different times, but he isn’t confident enough to do it yet. He is very steady on his feet as long as he can hold on so I figure by the time he works up the courage to actually do it he will pick it up quickly like crawling. Even though he doesn’t walk he is all over the place! He climbs and crawls on everything. While at the beach he taught himself how to climb the steps! He is a pro at it now. He hasn’t figured out going down just yet though.

I will post more about our first beach trip another day, but here are a couple pictures from the first day on the beach.