Graham took his first steps this week. Well, he has taken a few steps over the last few months, always less than 5 and with very little coordination. If he didn’t think about it he would do it, but as soon as he would realize he was walking he found abruptly stop, sit or fall. He never walked with purpose. Monday night I went with Allison to Wine and Design for a little girls night out. We had a blast and I highly recommend it to anyone in the Raleigh area. We painted hydrangeas and neither us had ever painted, well not since art class in school many years ago. We were both a bit nervous about it, but it was really fun and easy. Anyway, when I got home I found out Graham walked. Yeah, I cried. I can’t believe I missed it. I am with him all day every day and he picked the one time I went out to walk!! Casey and mom did get a little video of him walking. Casey and I took a little video of him last night too and I grabbed a few pictures. He still prefers to crawl and you have to kinda force him to walk, but he so proud when he does it. The look on his face when he is walking is priceless. He walks like Frankenstein with both arms out straight and very shaky, but he does a good job. We have been staying very close while he practices so he doesn’t take a big fall. One big fall will probably set him back a few weeks. He stood on his own months ago and took a big fall when he lost his balance and didn’t try it again until this week. He actually tried again Monday, the same day he walked. I watched as he purposely let go, stood up, danced a bit and sat back down. He looked so excited and proud that he was able to do it and maybe that is what motivated the walking that same day.

I have a few photos for the week, no black and white expressions for the week. I have been off my game thanks to this wisdom teeth. I will get some for next week though.

Show down with the cat.


Playing with cards while I tried to get a picture of him sitting with his legs crossed. The second he seems the camera he crawls to get it.

 DSC_0253 DSC_0252


 DSC_0274 DSC_0276

First walking video, the walking I missed.

Walking Tuesday.