There isn’t much new to report this week so I thought I would share a couple pictures of Graham with his friends. He doesn’t have many yet as we rarely leave the house most days! I am hoping soon we can start going out for more activities when he drops to one nap a day. Two of my really good friends both had little boys last year and it has been fun watching them all grow over the last year. Ethan is 7 weeks younger and Sam is 4 months younger. Unfortunately Melanie and Ethan live in Charlotte so we don’t get to see them as often, but they are so cute together. We were in Charlotte over the weekend for Ethan’s first birthday party.

Playing with Ethan’s new truck and fighting over his new ball.


A couple weeks ago Allison and Sam joined us up at the pool. Once we managed to get all our gear in the door, all the floats blown up, sunscreen on and swim diapers on we had a great time. The water felt more like bath water, but it was still fun and the boys seemed to have a great time floating around. I finally finished the underwater camera that I have had for 3 years. We took it out west for our water rafting adventure.


A pictures of me and Casey white water rafting many years ago!


Black and white expression of the week. Sorry, not my best work, but still cute.