14 Months

It seems like Graham learns new things on a daily basis these days. It is amazing to see how much babies learn and how quickly once they get going…. it did after all take him many months to hold up his own head, learn his name, sit, crawl, etc. His little brain is in overdrive these days and it is amazing how much energy he has, it is exhausting to just watch him. It is all new to him, so much to learn, so much to explore, so much to do! I guess as a 30 something person it is just old news to me. It is a little sad for me in some ways to see how exciting every little thing is to a child, the imagination, creativity and innocence they have when compared to us jaded adults. Sad that as the years go by that innocence and excitement will fade, but such is life I guess. For now I will just enjoy watching the world through his eyes as it is much more exciting than the world I see!

He has gone from eating pretty much anything to eating only certain items, mostly fruits, carbs, dairy and anything filled with sugar. I really can’t blame him as these are my favorites too and probably 90% of what I ate when I was pregnant. If I coat veggies with enough cheese he will sometimes eat them. Many of the foods he used to love he now spits out. I suspect it is less an issue of him not likely them and more the fact that he knows eventually I will give him the foods he prefers in an attempt to get some nutrients into him. He knows exactly what he is doing. The most annoying part (even more than throwing away tons of perfectly good food when there are literally thousands of starving children in Africa) is that he throws the food on the floor when he doesn’t want to eat it. He looks right at me when he does it with this little smirk.

Even though he still doesn’t want to walk much he loves to climb. He loves to play with the pots, pans, spoons, measuring spoons, cups, plastic forks and spoons, boxes, oh and sometimes his actual toys. He loves and I mean loves TV. He will watch pretty much anything, doesn’t have to be kid’s shows, but he will often sit for a whole kid’s show which a lot of toddlers his age won’t do. He still loves to dance and will stop playing or doing whatever important thing he is doing to do a little dancing when the mood strikes and the right music starts playing. His favorite words are still light, fan (which he says without the f) and JD. Whenever a new person comes over the first thing he does it point to a light and say “yight”. He now knows where his nose, ears and eyes are and loves to point to them when you quiz him. He is not sure about mouth so we are working on that one. He is still doing sign language, mostly more, eat, milk and ball. He has also made up his own sign for where. Today he stacked blocks for the first time which I was very excited about. You would have thought he graduated college. I turned around and there were 4 blocks stacked on top of each other and he was putting on a fifth! Until today he would only destroy my block creations and never make his own. He seemed pretty proud of himself.

We took him out to the Historic Oak View Park this morning to grab a few 14 month pictures. I also have included some pictures from our first craft experience. He wasn’t really into it just yet. He enjoyed ripping up the paper more than playing with the paints. It was fun though and after he got the paint all over I let him play in the water table to get cleaned up. I have pictures I want to post from last weekend when some of my family was in town, but I haven’t gotten to those yet. Hopefully soon.

Craft Day (clearly this is before I cut his hair last weekend):


The park today. I was playing with a few editing techniques. He loved the goats and walked down the entire fence trying to get them to come over and visit again. He kept hitting the fence which is how he gets my parent’s dog Maggie to come over and play. It was funny to see him try to call the goats over to play. I did have shoes for him, but he have very fat feet and we couldn’t get the left one to stay on so we just let him walk with now shoes and hope for the best.

 DSC_0439 copy DSC_0444 DSC_0481 DSC_0507 DSC_0515 DSC_0531 DSC_0536 DSC_0512 DSC_0511 DSC_0542_edited-1 DSC_0587 DSC_0597

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    Wow.. those last two pictures are amazing! It’s clear that someone truly awesome must have taken them.