Today we experienced our first earthquake! I was downstairs with Graham and all the sudden the house was moving. My thoughts went like this… is that the washing machine? no, its not on. tornado? nope, sunny outside. maybe a strong gust of wind. nope, no wind. maybe casey fell down or dropped something. nope, that doesn’t make sense as the house is still moving. plane crash? bomb? at no point during the few seconds the house swayed did I think earthquake. In fact even after the shaking when Casey and I discussed what had just happened neither of us mentioned earthquake. Not something you would think would happen here in North Carolina. Sure, I know there are fault lines on the east coast. I actually really love geology and remember learning in school how we were due for a decent earthquake around here, but I still never thought that was what just happened. Casey went out and asked a neighbor that was outside if the ground just shook and he was glad to know it wasn’t just him! I called mom, dad and a couple friends to see if they felt it too. I referred to it as the buildings moving or the ground shaking, never an earthquake. When I realized it wasn’t just my neighborhood I started thinking maybe this was an earthquake. Got on Facebook and saw a lot of people were posting about it, many in other states. Exciting day around here.

In other news, Graham has taken to pointing and grunting/moaning when he wants something which is pretty annoying. He will do his sign language at times, but seems to really prefer the pointing/whining. We are down to one nap a day, but I hate it. He is so grumpy and fussy with one nap. Plus his nap is really short so I can’t get anything done these days. It makes for a really long day. Hopefully he will adjust soon. He loves to do the Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Wheels on the Bus motions now although he doesn’t do either “correctly”. Still really cute. Mom also taught him to blow kisses which he loves to do. His newest words are car and truck which he says constantly when we go for walks in the morning. I am probably the only one that can understand him since he can’t make the r sound yet.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend Uncle Gary, Christine and my brother were visiting.


Caught him mid fall as he was playing with Maggie.


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