Graham, mom and I spent last weekend in Pennsylvania. The trip up was pretty crappy and it rained A LOT! We got stuck in a lot of traffic in DC as usual, made worse by all the rain. Graham did good though and hung in there pretty well even though he was clearly ready to get out. He enjoyed saying “tuck” (truck) over and over. It was funny because he would put his hands on the car seat snap and then do the all done sign. He did this many times and got very annoyed that we weren’t letting him out of the car seat. Here is a picture of him riding around with Uncle Ned. Make sure you check out the grip he has on his shirt!


As usual Graham had a hard time napping and sleeping while we were away. In his defense it is pretty loud there and there was a lot of construction going on while we were visiting. By Sunday he was pretty tired. We took him to a graveyard that I needed to visit quickly (family tree research) and he didn’t want to walk around. He kept sitting on all the grave markers! On the way back to the house he fell asleep in the car!! I know to most of you this isn’t a big deal, but my child NEVER and I mean never falls asleep in the car. Even on long trips he sleeps about 30-45 minutes tops. He never falls asleep while running errands. Not even as a baby when he was supposed to “sleep all the time”. So I had to grab a couple pictures since this never ever happens. I put him down when we got back to the house, but he refused to sleep so I tried an hour later and he slept for 2.5 hours. Guess he was pretty worn out from all that not sleeping.


He looks just like Casey to me in the last one.

It is fun to see him learning so many new things and trying to say words. You can tell he is trying to say the words we say even though he can’t make all the sounds yet. He says several words now, but like I said in previous posts I am most likely the only one that understands them. He also love to imitate sounds and try to make animal sounds. He is walking more the last few days, but still wants to crawl a lot. He will often come over and take my hand so I can walk with him. I will try to have more photos next week!