I thought I would do something a bit different this week and give you updates on everyone in our house!

Graham has molars! Being the observant mom that I am I discovered this after they were pretty far in and only by accident. I was tickling him one day and he leaned back and was laughing. I saw some white way back in his mouth so I had him laugh again and then just stuck my finger back there to feel and sure enough there were two molars on top. So perhaps that explains the not wanting to sleep and need to be held non-stop a few weeks ago. Considering at the time he had 4 total teeth in his mouth and 2 that were just barely coming in I didn’t expect molars to show up already. It looks like he grew teeth numbers 3-6 on top all at once (including two molars which I hear are the worst, so I say he did pretty good with them). He still only has 2 bottom teeth, but his gums are a bit puffy and he is chewing his fingers a lot so I think more are coming. I didn’t realize molars would show up so soon. He loves walking and is going pretty quickly now. I still love watching him walk. He is really into words and trying to repeat the words he hears. Here are a few of his favorites. None are said “correctly” which really bothers Casey, but we can tell what he is trying to say. Cracker, cookie, truck, JD, bib, button, mama, dada, banana, blueberry, grape, night night, bunny, light, gate and diaper. We also drill him often on his body parts and he knows most of them. He actually knows a lot of words and points to things when we ask, but can’t say most of the words yet. We of course think he is really smart.

Several weeks ago while sitting on the couch editing pictures I managed to pull/strain a muscle in my back. It hurt pretty bad for awhile, but I figured it just needed time to heal. Then one day I woke up and no pain, but the area felt almost numb. I guess my muscle finally decided enough was enough and turned itself off. I didn’t realize it at first, but my right arm doesn’t function at full capacity anymore. I can’t lift it higher than shoulder level in any direction and my shoulder blade “wings”. Awesome. I work out all the time, eat right and still manage to pull a muscle while sitting on the couch. Am I 90 or something? So now I get to go to physical therapy so I can teach my muscle how to work again. At least I am not in pain, but not looking forward to the process of bringing this muscle back to life. And speaking of muscles, I have joined Stroller Strides and I love it. It has been a great way to get exercise and meet some new moms. Some of which are clearly a million times richer than me, but that’s okay. They are all really nice and maybe one day they will invite me to their awesome beach houses. Graham enjoys the class and running around with the other kids after class. Oh, wait this is supposed to be an update about me! Yesterday I realized the following:
1. I am not a morning person and no matter how many times I tell myself I will do it, I will never get up early to exercise.
2. I have no ability to dress myself and need a personal shopper
3. I need more money
4. I look horrible in skinny jeans, they are clearly not meant for short ladies with hips that have birthed a child (or the thighs that go with those hips), also they make me feel like I am in 7th grade again
5. Old Navy sucks
6. I love Starbucks
So as you can tell I made an attempt to go shopping last night which never ends well for me as I hate shopping and would actually rather be cleaning my house. I am not one to buy trendy clothes. Since I never shop I need clothes that are pretty classic and will last me many years. Tonight I tried to find at least one trendy outfit in my price range and maybe find some shoes to go with it. I have decided I should just give it up and accept that I am now a mom and it is okay that my style is about 10 years old, my jeans aren’t cool, I wear tennis shoes or flip flops at all times, my hair is always a mess and/or dirty and all the exercising in the world will not make this extra belly fat go away. Okay, really I can’t blame any of these thing on being a mom because this was all true before I had Graham.

Casey works. Done. Ha! He is a man of few words…. written, not spoken.

JD continues to puke on a regular basis (irritable bowl) and get fur/litter all over my house, but I love him. He is harassed most days by the little one and tolerates a good amount of hitting and pulling. Most days he sneaks off and sleeps, but some days he is dumb enough to hang out with us.

Tuscan and Moose
They continue to be annoyed by the presences of the new creature that makes a lot noise and grabs at them. I don’t let the creature around them much since he can be a bit rough and doesn’t fully understand his strength or that they are tiny and fragile. Most nights they still enjoy running around the bonus room with us, but have started leaving us a lot more presents to clean up at night. This is their way of protesting against said creature.