Lake Lure

Casey and I spent the weekend in Lake Lure without Graham. It was our first weekend away from him and I don’t think he cared one bit. I was sad to leave him on Friday, but I have to say by Saturday I was feeling fine and enjoying my quiet day. I was a bit sad to come home today and wanted another day to relax and enjoy the mountains. We were excited to see Graham though and when we went to get him he acted like we were strangers! He was clinging to my mom and clearly wasn’t very excited to see us.

We rented a cabin way up a mountain with a wonderful view. The only bad part being you don’t want to drive on that road in the dark and it takes awhile to get places. But, why go anywhere when the cabin has everything? We did go hike at Chimney Rock on Saturday and we went on a tour of Lake Lure. I found the tour extra exciting because they pointed out a few Dirty Dancing sites and I LOVE that movie. It was very cold though thanks to a cold front that came through the day before we arrived. Figures. At any rate this is the same time of year they taped Dirty Dancing and we saw where the water scenes were filmed. While on the boat we were wearing jeans, long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt and heavy winter coat…. and we were still cold. So I really don’t know how they filmed in that weather in the WATER! In summer clothes! Since the leaves were turning at the time they came out every morning and sprayed all the trees with green food coloring to make it look like summer. We also saw some big houses where the rich “summer”. I would love to know where all these people get all their money. Maybe they could share a little with me or get me a nice cabin.

I still have some other pictures of Graham and some videos so hopefully I can get to them this week, but for now here are some Lake Lure pictures.

View from the porch and kitchen window:


Hot tub and we did go out there last night even though it was really really cold (probably 40 something). We didn’t read the instruction until about 6:30 and then realized it could take 6-8 hours to eat in cold weather. So we made a fire inside, roasted marshmallows, filled the house with smoke since Casey made an outdoor sized fire inside, watched a movie and then sat in the hot tub around 11:00. There were so many stars and it was a perfectly clear night. I really didn’t think it was that bad outside, but Casey ran inside like a little girl while I tried to fix the cover and lock it down. The strange thing is I freeze in my own house after I take a shower in the winter and it way warmer in here than it was outside!


Fire pit area. I was really hoping to use this area, but after being in the cold and wind all day Saturday an indoor fire sounded much more relaxing…. until the house filled with smoke.


The front porch which I wish we could have used more, but again too cold.


Lake Lure from Chimney Rock:

 DSC_0518 DSC_0536

The top of the trail:

 DSC_0534 DSC_0530 DSC_0527

Chimney Rock from below:

 DSC_0539 DSC_0546

Lake Lure, the stairs in Dirty Dancing – watermelon scene


Lake Lure, this is where the water scenes were recorded when they were practicing the big lift


Our house should be ready soon, just need a few finishing touches:


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  1. really nice pictures…glad you two had a good time, you both deserved to get away for sure !!