Today we went out to Yates Mill Park in an attempt to get some pictures of Graham. I wasn’t really impressed with the area, well at least not for Graham. It was so busy and there were professional photographers all over the place. There is pretty much one main area to take photos so you had to wait around for your turn. This doesn’t really work well for a 17 month old. It is great for the families with older kids that you can pose and give instructions, but toddlers don’t really do what you want and if you try to force them you get a tantrum…. We tried a couple quick photos, but Graham was in a pretty grumpy mood. We tried to go over to the rocks and water fall area, but as soon as Graham sees any type of water he wants to get in it. Walk in it, stand in it, play with it, sit in it, you get the picture. You can’t get him to do anything else and he screams when you take him away. He is obsessed with water! So needless to say the photo shoot didn’t go well and I have pretty much no pictures. Plus I lost my sunglasses. We went to another park in the afternoon and I got a couple photos. I am debating about using them for my Christmas cards. If I do I will have to keep them under wraps for awhile, but if I change my mind I will post some soon.

Saturday Casey’s parents, aunt and uncle and cousin and his wife came over for a short visit. It was nice to see them and they brought us some very yummy cookies which Graham loves! He gets the chocolate all over his face. It was a short visit, but Graham had a good time. I think the highlight for him was driving Pa Pa’s truck (and the cookies).


Checking the mirror:

 DSC_0579 copy

Since I don’t have any new pictures for you I am going to post a few that dad took last weekend while they were babysitting all weekend.