A couple weeks ago we went to Pullen Park with our good friends. Since both our boys go to bed pretty early and we all hate being cold we decided to get there at 4 when it opened. They turn the park into a winter wonderland for the Holidays and since we were there while it was still light we didn’t get the full feel, but it was still fun. The boys rode on the carousel and neither seemed particularly thrilled with it, neither cried so that was good. I think the biggest hit was the swings, at least for the boys. For the adults I think it was the carousel! We also rode the train around the park, but it wasn’t dark yet so the lights weren’t as pretty as they could have been. It was still fun especially for me and Jason who used to visit Pullen Park as children. They renovated the park so it doesn’t even look like the same place to me, but there are some things that are the same and bring back memories. Maybe if I have some free time (ha) I can find some pictures of me at Pullen Park when I was little. By 6 we were ready to leave and go get some food, the selection at the park was weak at best. We had to wait a bit for the shuttle bus and while we were waiting I heard a lot of people complaining about there being so much waiting. I thought it was strange because we didn’t have to wait for anything all day. When we arrived at the parking lot there were about 5 cars and we were on the first bus. When we got back to the lot at 6 there were about 500 cars and a line that went on forever of people waiting to get to the park! Then those poor people were going to have to wait for all the rides (there are only 2) when they got there! Yikes. If we had arrived at 6 we would have promptly pulled back out of the parking lot and went home. Casey and I were parked in front of the buses so we got out quickly, but Allison and Jason witnessed the chaos that occurred when some very rude people tried to break out of line and rush the bus we just left! So much for the Christmas spirit. Here are a few pictures from that day including Graham’s first encounter with Santa. I have no intention of taking him to see Sanata at the mall until he is much older and actually asks to see him, but the Pullen Park Santa was free to visit and the line was short. He was pretty excited about it in line and seemed happy right up until the point we walked up to Santa and stood next to him. I knew there was no way he would sit with Santa, but I thought maybe he would at least check him out and give him a smile while I held him. Instead he held on to me for dear life and started to cry. The picture is one of my favorites though so it was worth it.


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Click HERE to see all the photos from Pullen Park.

Here are two videos from the park this week. Graham is really gaining confidence on the playground!