Christmas Video

I finally figured out a way to edit my videos so I am slowly working on them. The only way I can edit them is to do the edits in YouTube. I stumbled on it the other day and was so excited. It isn’t anything spectacular, but I am just looking to crop them down some and make them a little more interesting for everyone. I haven’t found a free program on my computer that can read the ten million video formats (I am pretty sure there are 10 million and none are compatible with each other) and doesn’t slow my computer down to a snail’s pace making the videos all choppy and impossible to edit. It takes a long time to upload them and then do the work and time isn’t something I have much of these days. If Graham could start entertaining himself some during the day or taking a long nap that would probably help, but I don’t see either happening anytime soon.

Here is a collection of videos my brother took on Christmas Day. It is long, but make sure to stick around for the mini break down in the middle involving the Hess truck. Graham was a bit whiny and tired by the time we got over there Christmas morning and there was a lot of action. Not a good combination. Hopefully more Christmas videos to come soon.

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  1. awesome fun