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I know I haven’t posted in a long time and I really don’t have any new photos. Mostly because Graham’s hair is a hot mess right now so I can’t bring myself to take pictures until I figure out what to do with his hair. I figured I could use this post to brag about all the cool things Graham is doing! Since I can never find the time to actually write things in Graham’s baby book I will one day use this blog to fill in all the blanks! Maybe when he is in school all day and I am hopefully still not working… hehe. So excuse the bragging.

Teeth – Still missing the meat eaters as I like to call them (canine) and of course the 2 year molars. He has been working on these 4 for several weeks! Tonight I noticed the top two canine teeth finally broke through so two to go!

Gross Motor – He loves trying to jump, but still only gets the right leg off the ground. If he holds on to something he can sometimes get both feet off the ground just a bit. This is his favorite things to do other than run away from me! He isn’t a great runner, but he is getting a little faster. He may have inherited my ability to run. Climbing is his specialty. He loves to climb up in his high chair, walk up and down the steps like a big boy and climb all over the furniture. Luckily he hasn’t tried to climb out of the crib. He has recently taught himself to walk backwards so he does that a lot with a big smirk on his face.

Fine Motor – He is pretty good at stacking and even better at knocking things down. He is starting to enjoy coloring, but it is still scribble, no lines and still using his whole arm to draw. He isn’t able to dress himself, but can get his coat off and pull up his pants (kinda). He knows what to do with shoes and socks, but can’t actually get them on yet. He has perfected filling and dumping and this is one of his favorite activities. He also likes to pour toys from one container to another.

Other activities – He is trying to do puzzles more, but still can’t get the pieces in the right way. He knows where they go and puts them in the right spot, but can’t spin them and get them in the spot. He has no patience and gives up quickly. I think he thinks he is doing them by putting them in the right area so just stops. Even though he hasn’t mastered puzzles (something he didn’t inherit from me, I am awesome at puzzles) he is perfect with the shape sorters. We have several and he can do all of them. He spins them around to find the right spot and can usually line them up correctly to get them in.

Colors – We have been working on colors and he is doing great. He almost always gets yellow right. Followed by blue. These are his go to colors and he will say them if he isn’t sure the right answer. He can identify pretty much any color I show him (red, orange, pink, purple, blue, black, green, brown) and he can say all except orange. He is just learning red, orange and black now. I taught him green pretty quickly and now he loves to say that one! It is funny because if you ask what color something is and he knows it, but can’t say it he just kind looks at you with this little smile. Of course some times he will say yellow or blue anyway.

TV - He loves TV and I try my best to limit it, but the days we are inside all day it is hard to keep him away from it. His favorite right now is Sesame Street.

Words – This is where I really get to brag. We have a talker for sure. It took him 16 months to walk, but he is talking like a champ. We made a list of words he can say and it was well over 60. I have already thought of several I forgot to put down. I won’t bore you with all of them. There are very few he says “correctly”. You have to really listen and have someone that can interpret. There are still many sounds he hasn’t masterd and some words he says completely wrong. Like water is babu for some reason. Not an easy word to say so that is how he says it. I count that as a word since he says it when he sees water or wants water. Granted most of the words sound the same, but I can tell the difference.He understands many more than he can say and is great at following directions. Sometimes he can even follow two step directions.

Potty training – Call me crazy, but I figured why not start laying down the foundation early while he is still in a phase that he wants to please. We have managed to get two poos in the potty (sorry for the details). This only happens because I get him to sit at the right times and not because he chooses to go in there. I figured it was a good first step. He understands and says all the potty words. I haven’t fully committed yet and not sure he is really ready to be fully trained. We will just see how it goes!

Health – Like everyone around us this winter has been harsh. Everyone seems to be sick all the time and we are no exception. We go out every morning and are exposed to lots of other kids and germs. We also go out a lot in the afternoon since the weather has been so nice. Since Graham ALWAYS has his hands or thumb in his mouth it is almost impossible to keep him healthy. Then we get it. I have had more colds in the last two months that I had in the last 3 years! So far nothing horrible that requires us to go to the doctor and he usually only has 1-2 really bad days and then is in pretty good spirits. The hardest part is sleeping at night when he has a hard time breathing (especially when trying to suck his thumb) or is coughing.

Video – This just helps to show why my child is always sick. The cheerios are stale and he got the bag out of the trash and then started playing with them. I figured, what’s the harm? Just a mess, but he had a great time. He of course had to put them in his mouth. If I had offered these stale cheerios to him for breakfast he would have refused to eat them, but since they were in the trash they were the perfect food. So after dumping them on the very dirty floor he made a plate of them with some very dirty play leaves. The leaves were decorations at our wedding and are one of his favorite toys. I pick those things up several times a day! I uploaded the video from my tablet and the audio was really bad. I was listening to Pandora on it and it sounded so bad so I had to put some free audio over it. Trust me, it is much better with the new soundtrack.

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  1. this is a cute clip also…love how he sets back and admires his work !!