As usual I am really behind on pictures and updates. My computer was having issues so I am using a new one and had to reload all my programs. It has taken me awhile to get it all up and running. So I think these are where I should start and hopefully will have more uploaded soon. With the weather warming up we have been going out to lots of parks in the afternoon. A few weeks ago we met some good friends Eastgate Park. Our boys are pretty much the same age (only 5 months) and they had a great time playing together. They are still a bit young to really play together and spent most of their time running in opposite directions, but at least they had a good time. Next year they will be climbing all over the equipment alone and scaring us to death! Here are a few pictures of them playing together and having a little snack. I didn’t take the time to do any edits on them yet.

The tunnel is always a hit.

Steering wheels are also VERY popular.
 DSC_0853.NEF DSC_0855.NEF

Having a little snack. DSC_0865.NEF

We also went to Pullen Park one afternoon with my parents. My brother and I went to Pullen Park a lot when we were little and it is a lot of fun being able to take Graham there now. They spent over 2 years fixing up the park and did a wonderful job. Graham wasn’t so sure about the rides at first. I didn’t think he was enjoying the train ride, but as soon as it was over he wanted to ride again. When we went over to the boats he started grinning as soon as we put him in. I didn’t think he would like them much, but he loved them. We had to pull him off the boats when his turn was over!

Walking around with Grandma and Grandpa.

Not so sure about the train.

The thumb helps….

Riding with Grandpa

The boats!
 DSC_0816_edited-1 DSC_0833_edited-1 DSC_0838_edited-1 DSC_0835_edited-1