It has been awhile since I wrote a post about Graham and considering this is the only baby book he is going to have for awhile it is best for me to go ahead and write down a few things. Of course instead of doing that I decided to fix up the blog. Still looking for the perfect theme, but only had about 4 options so this was the best for now. I do have some photos to share tonight too. We went a couple weeks ago to a park near our house to attempt some pictures. It is the same one we went to last year around this time. This time things were going pretty well until Graham spotted the pond and then we were done. It was break down time because he HAD to get in the water. It wasn’t easy getting him away from the pond and by that point we weren’t going to be getting any good pictures. I did manage to get a few when we first got there and a few by the pond. We were tempted to let him walk in the water and then save him, but we didn’t…. that would probably have been a bad idea, although very tempting.

Graham is becoming more and more like a 2 year old each day. Hard to believe it is almost birthday time again. He tests me each and every day, multiple times. It is hard for me to not give in especially at the end of the day, but I am trying harder because giving it just makes it worse. His latest craze is playing in the kitchen sink. This seems to have replaced playing in the car (the real car), but that is still an obsession too. He tries to take a kitchen chair to the sink multiple times a day and then throws a fit when I won’t let him play with the water. He is getting better with his TV demands and we only watch one show at the end of the day. Mostly for my sanity. He has stopped asking and throwing fits all morning now which is nice. He still isn’t into playing with his toys much, but is getting a tad bit better. His favorite seems to be pretend kitchen items and food. Or real ones. He also loves his Hess firetruck. I found it in the attic a few weeks ago when I was cleaning up there. It was actually a gift to Casey a few years ago and we had moved them up there until Graham could play with them. He loves it! And it is very, very loud!! Other than the few toys that he plays with he loves to go to stroller strides class, go for walks, go to Marbles, swing and play at the park and play in my car. He has become a very picky eater and I think it is more a toddler thing than he doesn’t like the food. He will eat really well for Casey, but not me and I don’t fight him on it. He can not eat if that is what he chooses. Yesterday I gave him a haircut and you would have though I was cutting off his limbs. It was bad. Eventually after starting and stopping several times for him to calm down I discovered the trick – chocolate. If we gave him pieces of chocolate he sat very still and let me cut his hair while he ate his chocolate and watched Elmo. He had chocolate all over himself, but I got it cut.

Even though he has his toddler moments he is such a sweet little boy and so funny. He is a cuddle boy for sure and I try to enjoy every minute of it since if I have another baby I am sure he or she will be the opposite. He makes me laugh every day. I need to start writing down all the funny things he says and does so I have a record of them. As I sit here I of course can’t think of anything!

So here are the pictures! These are my favorites. I did not pose him and he did this on his own. I snapped fast to get the pictures. We are waiting for The Gap to call and offer him a contract.

 DSC_1151_edited-1 DSC_1152_edited-1 DSC_1149_edited-1

Always has his thumb in his mouth and rubbing his belly button.


Playing at the pond.

 DSC_1239_edited-1 DSC_1271_edited-1 B0013865

With me, there aren’t many pictures of us together!

 DSC_1276_edited-1 DSC_1281_edited-1

A few more.

 DSC_1213_edited-1 DSC_1191_edited-1 DSC_1189_edited-1 DSC_1174_edited-1