My baby is now two and no longer a baby! He has actually been two for over a week now, but it has been busy around here lately so haven’t had much time to write a post. We went today for his 2 year appointment and he is doing great. Above average on height, weight and head size. He still hates the doctor’s office and starts his screaming as soon as they try to weigh him. I am not sure why being weighed is so traumatic, but you would have thought he was having his arms pulled off. He wasn’t fond of having his height checked or his head size measured and was sure to say no several times. The doctor was able to get a little look at him, but only while sitting with me. He got two shots today since we are now catching up on some of the ones I wanted to put off until he was older. I will take him back for a nurse only visit in a month or two for another round and then he should be done for awhile. His big birthday gift was a play kitchen that Casey and I built for him. I am working on putting a post together about it and putting in some pictures so check back soon.

My original plan was to not celebrate his birthday with any type of party, but that didn’t exactly work out for me. The week before his birthday we had a small party for him with some friends in our playgroup. Jodi made the BEST tasting and cutest Elmo cupcakes for him and was nice enough to host the party. Then on Saturday we got together with some friends not in the group. Some good friends of ours for years who happen to have young children as well. We met at a park so the kids could play and have some cupcakes. Nothing too fancy, but somehow still a lot of work for me! We also had some family in town over the weekend and then on his Birthday we went to the zoo for the day. I will do a separate post on our zoo trip later along with some pictures.

I have lots of pictures and videos I want to post soon so hopefully I can find some time this week to work on them. I am really behind lately on all my projects. I only have about 2 hours at night to work on things and maybe a little time during nap if I am lucky. So for now here are the birthday pictures!

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