This is not an easy post for me. Tuesday morning we lost our sweet JD. When I got home Monday night he was sleeping on the new couch (which he loved). He jumped down and when he came back a few minutes later I noticed his head was tilting a bit. At first I thought he was just tilting it when he looked at me and then realized he couldn’t hold it straight. I made a comment to Casey and when he looked he also noticed and said something isn’t right. We thought at first maybe it was an ear infection because one of his ears did look pretty gross. It only took 30 more minutes or so and it was completely to the right side. A couple weeks ago Tuscan had a head tilt too so that was still on my mind. Seeing it in my cat was a little shocking though as it isn’t something you hear about in cats. Head tilt in rabbits is fairly common and is almost always e cuniculi or an ear infection. I honestly had no idea what was going on with JD. His right eye was also dilated and he was having a hard time walking. We now believe that he had most likely lost site in that eye. It just breaks my heart to think how frightened he must have been at all the sudden not being able to see, walk or hold up his head. In the following 30-45 minutes he lost control on the right side of his body and we had to carry him to bed. He slept most of the night, but woke up around 3am. He was trying to walk and kept falling. I got up, put him in his bed and sat with him for a few minutes. About 30 minutes later he was up again. Casey got on the floor with him and slept with him until 6:45. It was the only way he would stay down and sleep. JD loved to cuddle with Casey. We got him in the carrier to go to the vet. I guess I should have known at that point it wasn’t good, but I honestly thought he would be home later. I got Graham up and we said ad (too) quick good-bye to JD.  While we were watching our morning TV show Casey called with the bad news. Dr. Wendy told him the only option was to put him down. She felt it was a stroke or tumor and there was nothing to do for him.

JD came to live with us in January of 2004. It is easy to remember because it was shortly after we got engaged and when I was getting ready to move into Casey’s house. Casey had a friend that had a “horrible” cat he needed to re-home. We were told he was a great cat, but after moving in with 4 female cats and a female dog he was not a great cat anymore. He was peeing on everything, hissing, etc. At the time I had Tuscan and Moose so I was worried about how they would all get along. JD’s previous owner was ready to put him down because for whatever crazy reason he felt that was a better solution than taking him to the shelter where he would at least have a chance. It may have been a way to trick us into taking him and it worked. He lived with me for a few days until we moved and he was a sweet cat. Never in the almost 8 years we had him did he once pee in our house. He loved every person that came to our house and they loved him. He would greet us at the door when we came home and never caused us a single problem. He wasn’t the most healthy cat and he cost us a pretty penny. Bladder stones, surgery, tooth removal, special diet, leg injury, medications, irritable bowl and in the end some type of cancer. A few months ago we discovered he had high blood pressure and after some tests it was determined it wasn’t caused by any known reason. Therefore the assumption was some form of cancer. The last few weeks he didn’t look so good. He had lost weight and I think whatever he had was taking over. Despite his few issues he was the best cat and I can’t imagine ever having another cat as wonderful as JD. What a wonderful personality and so very friendly. Even our dog loving friends and family loved JD. He tolerated Graham until Graham started screaming and chasing him. Even then he was very patient with him. He was scared to death of Tuscan for years, but grew to tolerate and maybe even like him.  He always enjoyed chasing Moose and hated other cats with a passion.  He loved to terrorize my parent’s dog Maggie and I think she is the only animal that has ever been scared of JD and the only animal JD wasn’t scared of!!  He loved sitting with Casey and even though I did absolutely everything for him Casey was his favorite.

This is the last picture I took of JD. It was taken on the 28th of July. I was working on my latest project and had a bunch of boards I was painting in the bonus room. I came upstairs to paint another coat and found JD sleeping in the sun on one of my boards. Luckily it was dry! Like all cats he loved to sleep in the sun and had his favorite spots. Casey and I were really excited to finish the window seat in the bonus room because we knew JD would love it, but he won’t be able to enjoy it.

 DSC_0084 copy

There are so many pictures of JD that I love, but I tried to pick a few favorites to re-post. Before Graham he was my favorite subject to photograph.

 JD loves the fresh air

 I see something JD JD Kisses DSC_0475 copy JD Sleeping Pretty boy

Most of these pictures are old and I have some more recent pictures, but none as good as these.  I have some with him and Graham together, but it has been so long since I organized my photos that I really have no idea where they are saved.  I am going to try to work on them in the next few months so I will post them at some point.  It just isn’t the same around here without JD!  Please excuse any grammar issues in this post.  I can only re-read this so many times right now!

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  1. I definitely am not a cat person, but I loved JD. What a sweet cat. When you all go away Dad took care of Tuscan and Moose and my job was JD. Most times he would eat only if I sat near his dish which I always would do, and I always gave him some extra treats. Love the pictures Lindsay.

  2. paw paw

    yes, thanks for the post…sitting here alone on this Saturday morning while mom is out gives me time to reflect on JD and what he meant to me…it’s no secrect that I’m not the biggest cat person but JD won me over from our very 1st meeting…if you noticed I usually got down and greeted him before y’all lots of times…like y’all I’ll miss him but he’ll be there at “rainbow bridge” with all the rest!

    Love you guys


  3. Great ole to JD he really was a cool cat. Glad i got to pet and see him a couple of wks ago. Pics are great. As much as casey tried to make like he didn’t care, we know he did. Thanks to ya’ll he had a wonderful life-he will be remembered and missed:-) !