In the last month Graham has become quite the talker and Mr. Independent.  I hear “my do it” a lot these days unless I ask him to do something like pick up the toy he threw in anger.  Then he says, “mama do it” or “dada do it”.  Another favorite right now is “okaaay”.  I love this one and it has replaced the very over used “uh huh”.  We had a short spell of “no” for everything which was quickly replaced by “uh huh”.  I know uh huh isn’t exactly proper, but it is darn cute.  I just didn’t care enough to make him say yes and it was better than saying no to everything.  He still says it a ton and I believe he says uh huh when he isn’t sure the right thing to say or isn’t really sure what you are asking.  He is getting better at actually answering questions with either a “no” (do you have poop in your diaper or do you need a diaper will always get a no) or “okaaay” which he says with much enthusiasm when he is really excited about something.  He wants to do everything himself these days – open lids, open bottles, close lids and bottles, pour everything, clean, cook, you name it and “my will do it”.  It is a ton of fun, but a little nerve racking for a control freak like myself.  It is hard to let him do things that I know he is going to mess up like pour out an entire bottle of paint when he is trying to put a little on the plate or pour the laundry detergent in the cup.  Two comes with a lot of not so fun things like never listening to me, running away from me and thinking it is cool to have a complete meltdown over every little things, but it is a ton of fun too.  I laugh every day at something he says and he has no idea he is even being funny!  He has started doing a fake cheese smile for pictures and watching him close his eyes is hilarious.  He repeats everything and still says truck with an f and no r which makes me laugh almost every day.  Trucks, trains and cars are his favorite things right now.  The other day I asked him if he knew what lying meant and after thinking for a second he roared like a lion.  In the car on the way home from Pennsylvania mom said she was thirsty and he said, “my too”.  He has also become pretty bossy and will often tell us “no talking” or “move back”.  When I tell him I am going to count to 5 and then he has to do something he tells me “no counting”.  It is still cute, but I can see this will eventually get annoying!  His other favorite phrase at the moment is “mama hug” which he uses to get out of trouble, when he wants me to pick him up or when we are in the car and I can’t hug him.  It is very overused and doesn’t melt my heart like it did in the beginning.  After hearing mama hug about 30 times on the way home from the store you get over it.  When he is whining I tell him to please use words so he says “words” over and over instead of using the word for whatever it is wants from me.

Last weekend mom, Graham and I went to Pennsylvania to visit family.  We decided to go around DC since the last time we went through it we got stuck in traffic for hours.   The route was horrible.  Winding, hilly two lane roads that had as much traffic as any highway in DC.  At this point we had been in the car for over 5 hours and in true form Graham had not slept one bit.  He was watching his movie for most of the trip and it has never been a problem in the past.  I was sitting in the back with him and he kept saying something to me which I thought was “mama sit”.  I kept telling him that I was sitting and the all the sudden he threw up….  red food all over.  Luckily I was able to grab a couple towels quickly from the back and caught the next few.  Mom pulled over and we cleaned up the best we could and took a little break from driving.  I wasn’t feeling so hot either and we still had at least an hour of driving.  When we were about 20 minutes from our destination he threw up one more time, but once we got there he was fine other than having a little cold.  We have managed to go all summer without getting sick and as soon as we go on a trip he is sick!  The first night neither of us slept much, but things gradually improved.  The trip home we went through DC, but it was still a long trip.  Both trips, about 15 hours in the car, and Graham slept a total of 20 minutes.  The child has no ability to sleep in the car!!  We had a good time while up there and I have a few pictures and videos.

Learning to drive with Uncle Ned and Uncle Gary.





Clam bake with the family.

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A little video of him driving with Uncle Gary.  We could hear him laughing from in the house so I grabbed the camcorder, but by the time I got out there he wasn’t laughing as much.  I did get a couple laughs on video.