Today Graham went to school for the first time!  He was really excited, but got a little bit nervous when we first got there.  As soon as he found the section in the room full of cars and trucks he was at home.  He gave me a little wave and I left!  The first day is a short day so the kids can get used to the room and teachers.  I only had a little over an hour so I ran to Target.  I rushed a bit because I didn’t want to be late picking him up, but I could have wondered a bit longer.  I am so excited about having two mornings a week to run errands, clean and get a little break.  I am hoping to get in a yoga class too!!  Here are a few pictures.  I will take more on Thursday which is his first full day!

 DSC_0394 DSC_0393 DSC_0392 DSC_0390 DSC_0388 DSC_0387

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  1. Gary (dad)

    these are so good…can’t wait for mom to see them!