Happy Halloween

This is Graham’s third Halloween, but the first we have gone out trick or treating.  The first year we dressed him as a tiger and walked around the neighborhood, but clearly he was too young for trick or treating.  We did score some play doh that year.  Last year he was a chicken and we had planned on walking around to get loot, but it was cold and raining so we didn’t go out.  Plus last year Graham went to bed early.  So this year I was pretty excited about dressing him up and going out to trick or treating.  Graham had other plans.  He was not at all interested in dressing up in any type of costume.  Last week he had to dress up for school so I went with something really simple and put his apron and chef hat on him.  He let me dress him up to take a picture in the parking lot, but before we got to the door at school he had the whole thing off and refused to put it back on.  Here he is as a chef for about 30 seconds.


Meanwhile, I was working on his frog costume for Halloween night and our Stroller Strides Halloween party.  I went to a lot of stores in search of green pants, green shirt, green fleece coat in case it was cold and green and orange fleece for the hands, feet and hat.  Mom and I worked on the hat, hands and feet until the last minute (not that it was super hard, but we kept putting off doing it).  And then the morning of the party Graham woke up sick.  He had a little fever and clearly wasn’t feeling 100% so we missed the party.  By noon that day he was fine, but better safe than sorry.  We tried getting Graham to try on the frog costume and were met with a lot of no’s and a lot of throwing the hat, hands and feet…..  so it wasn’t looking good for dressing up.  He wouldn’t wear any costume that I had for him!  We needed something to wear this morning to Stroller Strides so I went up to the attic and pulled down the dress up clothes I got for him a the last consignment sale.  I was holding them for when he is a little older and more interested in dressing up.  He had three option all of which he said no, but finally agreed on the cowboy.  After class I put his outfit on and told him he had to dress up to get the candy.  That was all it took.  He happily dressed up as a cowboy and enjoyed trick or treating with our friends from class.  So here he is as a cowboy.

 2012-10-31 10.58.15

 2012-10-31 11.08.29

 2012-10-31 11.08.26

 2012-10-31 11.05.56

 2012-10-31 11.06.48

That brings us to tonight.  Time to put on the frog costume.  I added an extra layer under it since it is so cold here today.  Getting the shirt and pants on was easy, but he wasn’t thrilled about the rest of the costume.  The promise of candy helped and once we went outside he let us complete the outfit and never tried to take it off!!  He had so much fun tonight.  I wasn’t sure how he would do with walking up to strange and sometimes scary houses, but he did it without thinking twice.  Some of the houses were pretty scary too!  Everyone loved his costume and he was more than happy to hop around saying ribbit for anyone that asked!  We made it around our street which is just under a mile.  I did have to carry him a lot the last half and he was getting pretty tired, but didn’t want to go home.  We let him pour out his loot when we got home and pick out one piece to have tonight.  I had a few pieces myself…..  😉  Our frog.

 DSC_0229_edited-1 DSC_0223_edited-1

Tree Frog!!

 DSC_0234 DSC_0241_edited-1

Candy!  Excuse the disaster area behind him, also known as my kitchen.



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  1. YOU Do such Great work

    I rem. those days…
    so much fun
    (hmmm for us or them)
    THANKS for the updates!!

  2. very cute story but I can’t help but wonder if Graham knows mommy has been into his stash!! lol