Just now getting around to doing my post on our beach trip.  It took awhile to get through all the pictures!  We went with our good friends and their son that is about Graham’s age.  They had so much fun together and it was neat to see how much they had changed in the four short months since our last trip together.  It has been so long since we went that I really don’t remember much about it!  The weather was perfect and we had a great second row home with an ocean view.  We spent most of our time on the beach or at the house while the boys (and some adults) napped, but we took a few small field trips.  The boys loved the pier, especially all the fish.   I spent my evenings putting together a puzzle while everyone else watched TV, slept or read a book.  I posted some of my favorite pictures below for your viewing enjoyment.

In other news Graham is talking more than ever!  He is putting together longer sentences and having conversations with us.  His favorite thing right now is saying “very, very”.  Everything is very very.  Very very big tree, very very long train, etc.  He also started singing the alphabet song, but every time he does it I miss it with the camcorder.  It is pretty cute to hear how he says the letters and always skips the same ones.  Since I spend so much time with him I get to hear him counting, reading to himself and singing songs when he thinks no one is watching.  He never does anything when you ask, but when he is off on his own playing he will say things that I had no idea he knows!  It is fun watching him learn new things and words.  The other morning it was cold and when he was getting dressed he got goosebumps.  He told me he had sand on his legs with a very concerned voice.  I explained that it was goosebumps and now he gets so excited every morning to show me his goosebumps.  He loves to wear “comfy” pants and hates jeans (so much for all the jeans I bought him).  Loves his gloves, hats and Elmo slippers.  Loves the Wiggles and dressing up like the Octopus (Elmo slippers on his hands).  He is so excited about Christmas this year and loves the lights.  We walk around the neighborhood looking at all the houses and he always asks to touch the lights and decorations in the yards.  We have never put lights on the house, but at his request we have added some lights to the porch.  He is so polite and such a good toddler.  I guess he is making up for being such a difficult (to say it nicely) infant and early toddler.  Just holding my breath and hoping he continues to be a good 3 year old.

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