Seems like all the sudden Graham is all grown up.  Over the weekend we took down the baby gates downstairs.  It looks a little strange now!  We left the one upstairs so when he one day moves to his big bed we can trap him upstairs.  He is still in his crib however and no plans to move him just yet.  Why mess up a good thing.  Not looking forward to little eyes waking me up each morning.  He is talking a lot, starting to pretend play more, is actually interested in crafts, pours his own drinks, picks out his plate for dinner and sometimes helps clean up.  Still working on the potty thing.

In other news we are getting new counters next month!  So I am of course redecorating the entire downstairs.  I am having a little difficulty picking my colors since I am stuck with my dark green couch.  I am leaning towards a tan/gray wall and putting red/turquoise in the kitchen.  I already have some fun red accents in there.  If I had a ton of money it would look awesome….  so here’s hoping it looks decent and not too tacky.  If I have to look at the colors in my downstairs much longer I will go crazy.  Been staring at those walls for 8 years!  Next on the list is carpet for downstairs.  I was a bit overwhelmed with all the carpet options.  Who knew there were so many types and color carpets.

Over the weekend we got a bit more snow.  I think that brings our total to about an inch, maybe 1.5 inches for the year.  More than last year.  We took Graham out right before nap and he lasted about 4 minutes.  Right about when his hands got cold and wet from picking up the snow.  Then he was over it.  It is a good thing since it turned to rain and melted away while he was sleeping.

 DSC_1310 DSC_1312

Puddles are always fun too.