This weekend we took a little walk on the Neuse River Greenway.  There is an access from our neighborhood so we took a walk down there to check out the Milburnie Dam.  The dam has a lot of history and is causing quite a lot of debate in Raleigh and our neighborhood.  It was built in 1855 to serve a paper mill, later a gristmill and then for electricity.  Currently it serves no purpose, creates a nasty little swamp around our neighborhood and dangerous currents down the river.  Or so they say.  For now it is still there and Graham loved it.  He has asked every day to go back to the waterfall.  It doesn’t sound like it will be there much longer and it will be interesting to see the transformation.  I took my camera hoping for some photos, but mostly got ones of Graham’s back as he played on the edge of the water.  My battery died while I was there even though I thought I had a full battery!  I will have to work on getting a good picture this week.  I should probably get his hair cut first!  Here are a few photos.







In other news, Graham is potty trained!!  He pretty much did it himself and very quickly.  I bought three cloth training pants and haven’t really had to use them much.  It only took wetting his real underpants, pants and chair.  After that he just did it and has been doing great!  It is pretty nice not having to wash so many diapers!

Our new counters are in and I will post pictures as soon as I paint the walls!