Do I know my child’s birthday?  Of course.  I have already forgotten his weight (6 pounds something….) and the exact time of his birth (although I very clearly remember it), but I do at least remember his birthday.  Remembering it and realizing it is less than a week away are two totally different things.  What?  It is June in a couple days?  Umm…  I need some gifts and a cake!  How is it already the end of May?  After turning 25 time seemed to speed up and since turning 30 it has kicked into warp speed.  I am almost 35?  No, I just turned 30, right?  Ugh.  So all of the sudden my baby is turning 3 in a few short days.  I still have his changing pad on the dresser.  He still sleeps in his crib and has a “nursery”.  So I guess the time has come to move him to a big boy bed and paint over the nursery walls I spent so much time planning and making (thanks dad) just over 3 years ago.  I think it is safe to say my baby is gone!  Welcome to the world of little boys.  Here’s hoping 3 is as much fun as 2 has been and not as horrible as it sounds!  We are seeing lots of attitude and testing these days.  Want to know what you say a lot (and maybe too much)?  Get a 3 year old.  I now know that I say “Oh man”  “Oh my gosh….” “Come on cars” and “okay???” way too much.  It is really fun to hear the things that come out their mouths and the little phrases they pick up and have no clue the meaning.  I love to watch him play with his toys and then listen as he gets mad and sounds just like me.  It is hard not to laugh sometimes and also hard not to toss him across the room others.  So his birthday is Tuesday and his gifts are all arriving after his birthday since I am too cheap to pay for expedited shipping.  I am going to make a train cake which I can only imagine will not be as easy as the lady in the Betty Crocker video makes it out to be, but he won’t remember any of it.  He won’t have a clue it is even his Birthday until I tell him.  He says when he is 3 he is going to stop sucking his thumb, but something tells me that won’t be happening!!  I remember sitting on the couch when he was a week old and crying because it was going so fast and he was getting so old and now all the sudden he is 3!!


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  1. Great Post Lindsay !!