Three years old already  I decided to start a little tradition this year that my mom told me about a long time ago.  There are lots of websites/blogs of people doing this so I picked my favorite 20 questions and asked him throughout the day.  Some of them are a little “old” for him right now, but will be fun when he gets older  Not sure what I want to do with it yet, but here they are so I can go back to them one day and make a book or something.

Favorite Color – Yellow

Favorite TV Show – Caillou

Favorite Movie – Caillou

Favorite Food (dinner/lunch) – Mac and Cheese

Favorite Dessert – Brownies (no clue on this since he never has them!)

Favorite Animal – Cat, bunnies and fish (all pets we have had in his lifetime)

Favorite Toy – His new build a road car track and cash register (note to self ask this before opening his new gifts)

Favorite Game – The candy game (Candyland)

Favorite Song – Twinkle Twinkle Little Start (the theme of his nursery and a song that he HATED until about 3 weeks ago)

Best Friend – Sam

Favorite thing to do outside – Play in the swimming pool (he is scared of water….  it is new so super fun right now)

Favorite Drink – Chocolate milk

Favorite Holiday- Birthday

Favorite place to go – Grandma’s house

Favorite Book – Clifford

Favorite thing to do with mommy – Play (this is the best he can do?  i do a million fun things with him!  maybe it is too hard to pick just one awesome thing)

Favorite thing to do with daddy – Swim class and get doughnuts

What do you want to eat on your birthday – Cupcakes (clearly he has a love of sugar)

What do you sleep with at night – Robot blanket and lamb (first gift he got when I was just a few months pregnant)

What do you want to be when you grow up – Vet (I gave him several options and he picked this one)

I have some more pictures of our day, but will wait and post those next week.  We are having a little family “party” this weekend.  Nana, PaPaw, Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Zach will be here so I am making a train cake and save a couple presents for the weekend.