I think I have one person out there that still checks this blog so here you go A.  Something for you to look at during lunch tomorrow.  I will work on a long post about all the things Graham has been up to in the last seven months, but for now I will post some pictures from our Sunset Beach trip in JUNE!!  I just finished editing them over Christmas.  Only took me six months.

Graham’s first trip to Sunset was right after he turned one and it was his first visit to the ocean.  At first he was very interested in the water and waves until he was knocked down by a wave.  And it took two years for him to enjoy the water again.   When we arrived this year he was very excited to see the ocean and having arrived late, as usual, we were rushed off to Aunt Sandy’s for our annual pizza dinner.  Of all the family we have the shortest drive and somehow we still arrived last, only a few minutes before dinner.  After a quick piece of pizza we rushed off to the ocean.  I wish I had brought my camcorder or phone to record his reaction.  Every time since his first visit the water has brought about tears, screams and clinging to mom or dad when we were close to the water.  I expected the same reaction, but this time it was pure joy.   He was so excited.  Laughing, running, jumping in the waves.  No fear.  He was in regular clothes and I am pretty sure he left the beach a bit wet from running in the waves.   Two years ago he was a mostly happy one year old who ate every single thing you gave him and didn’t walk yet.  In our house it became a little game to see if there was anything he wouldn’t eat.  Now he is a stubborn (yet mostly enjoyable) three year old that only eats macaroni and cheese, carbs, fruit and anything loaded with sugar.  Last time he was a clingy one year old that only wanted mommy and woke up earlier and earlier each day.  I think by the end of the week we were getting up before 5 and it wasn’t at all a vacation for me.  I left more tired than when I arrived.  This time he was very independent and was more excited to play with Uncle Zach, Grandma and Grandpa than mommy.  It was awesome.  I was able to sit on the beach, relax and read a book.  Everyone else left exhausted!  It is amazing how much has changed in two short years.

Throw back pictures from his first year at Sunset.



 DSC_0990 DSC_1160 DSC_1629 DSC_1657

And two years later.

 DSC_0359_edited-1 DSC_0462_edited-1 DSC_0459 copy DSC_0455_edited-1 DSC_0417_edited-1 DSC_0393_edited-2 DSC_0391_edited-2 DSC_0373 DSC_0661_edited-1 DSC_0703_edited-1 DSC_0681_edited-2 DSC_0710_edited-1

And a few black and white because I love them.

 DSC_0686_edited-2 DSC_0403 DSC_0457_edited-1 copy

Our week this year wasn’t the best when it came to weather.  It wasn’t horrible, but we were hit with several storms either in the morning or afternoon.  One day I was on the beach relaxing while Graham was napping when all the sudden we noticed they were taking down the cabanas.  I looked down the beach and saw people very quickly packing up and running off the beach.  After looking behind me I saw the very dark and very quickly moving storm heading towards us.  Of course there was only one other person on the beach with me and about 20 people’s chairs, towels, bags and toys.  So I loaded up my beach cart and started my trek back to the house.  Luckily a nice guy was around to help me pull the cart up the steps because I don’t think I had the strength to get all those steps.  I won’t go into the fact that no one from my house had arrived to help me….  It was a beautiful storm, but didn’t amount to much by the time it arrived to our area.